2020 is here and the rove industry has changed over the past 10years, and MenStyleFashion evolved right along with it to become the most enthusiastically inclusive down to earth luxury travel magazine on-line. Our luxury journey is your luxury journey.While more wanderers than ever are choosing to see the world in style, what they want and expect is vastly different from a decade ago. A gourmet holiday used to mean opulent surrounds, fine food, and exceptional service. Now we expect all this and much more. Holiday-makers of all ages are embracing transformative experiences as the new luxury, wanting each trip to have more impact than the continue.Wellness opportunities have become as much a reason to travel as fabulous food, multigenerational travel is most undoubtedly in: and a luxury niche luxury jungle tour is becoming more popular. Hideout Digital DetoxThere’s magic at engender here in Thailand at The Hideout on a remote island called Koh Yao Noi. The Hideout floats all the way up to the core of the island. Where I could snooze amongst emerald green, hills, enveloped by fragrant trees amid native bushland. Where the only sounds I caught were the music of the jungle and sea. And the only fear I had was missing out on my digital world access. Which was the biggest challenge for the leading 24hours.  I can’t access my e-mails let alone my social media!. More so, what was I going to do without electricity, let alone no hot water?What you won’t lay ones hands on here are TVs, radios, buzzing fans, or noisy machinery of any kind . The Hideout is proudly electricity-free, aside from the solar-filtered infinity tarn at the heart of the resort.When I climbed the stairs to the main room, it can only be described as an eco- friendly sustainable lifestyle Celestial City. With it’ thatched roof, rich wooden floors, and furnishings, a plush very comfortable large king-sized bed with a mosquito net. The mosquito net is the simply material between me and an unparalleled open-air panorama view of Koh Yao’s jungle, bay, and nearby islands.I was wondering what was awaiting me Non-Standard irregardless hidden creatures out there in this open-air luxury jungle?Treehouse Suites Eco-Friendly LivingThe Hideout stresses just 5 stunning open-air ‘treehouse suites’ on an undeveloped jungle hillside, designed from inception with wrap up ‘immersion’ in mind. I found this challenging at night as I could not ponder if and what would end up in my bed.? But nothing came into my bed,  fair remote sounds of nature it was raining and some animal noise which was wonderful.The villas and resort are crafted exclusively by local artisans with materials from the island, with a vision to connect guests with the raw beauty and unwarlike of the surroundings.When I opened the entrance gate to my private treehouse, I was greeted by a tasteful open-air massive bathroom altitude nestled in the treetops. Overall the treehouse is built of a very high standard which I was not expecting. It is very warm here so the cool-water tub and brazen rain-shower, with vanity sinks and WC. Takes a little getting use too.It is very refreshing both day and night to shower with gelid water. Overall all the products here offer a host of complimentary organic and handmade toiletries, with a sustainable implication at the core of this retreat.At The Hideout, they are all about the  belief that the symphony of jungle wildlife, the song of in the cards scare in the trees and the whispers of waves against our island shores are the best medicine for your senses!The overall experience is wonderful. There is nothing various intoxicating than to go to sleep and wake up to the sounds of nature. To be honest. I could access the internet with my sim, I could possess all my computers and phones charged as I have travel battery access. But the truth be had, after a few hours I shut it all off and just soaked up this rare wellness happening.It was the perfect time to look back at what new and exciting adventures I had conquered during 2019.Jungle Infinity PoolLovely swimming-pool area with unobtrusive views of Koh Ya Noi. This is very relaxing to soak up life itself. The sitting lounge localities with great views are confortable and where I could eat and drink.  The food and beverages are all locally produced and the food is delicious! Empowering WomenThe Hideout funds a charity in where local women are taught, encouraged and inspired to put themselves out there with regard to education and small businesses. Part of The Hideout money goes to these women who need an education. So they can inveigle and live an independent life.  On most occasions these women are single mothers. I really loved this approximation and support.Access To The HideoutThe road to The Hideout is challenging and I would only ride a motorbike here if you are confident. When it is wet I certainly desire think twice about it.  Otherwise, pick up and drop off facilities are available and I would recommend this. I did love the imports along the way to encourage me I was riding on the right road to my remote oasis. The build-up was fun. A Sustainable Off-Grid Jungle Gem! 2020 is all concerning us as travelers being much more aware of the climate crises we are facing globally. The Hideout is one place where I could pick out to stay and become aware of how little I need regarding global travel. ConclusionWith wellness tourism worth $932billion annually, it’s rarely surprising that health retreats are more sophisticated and diverse in offerings than ever. The Hideout certainly undergoes alone with it comes to spiritual and holistic healing!Eco-Friendly Traveler hotel Koh Yao Noi Sustainable Thailand travel