If you privation to learn how to cook, consult a chef; if you fancy yourself as a sportsman, represent to an athlete; and if you want the body of a gladiator, then seek out, decidedly, a Gladiator.

James Crossley is probably best known for exercising his pecs as Hunter on the cult nineties TV show Gladiators.

Without considering no longer having his slicked blonde hair, six-foot-three Crossley stilly boasts a colossal build that includes 9-inch arms and 19 stone’s benefit of muscle mass.

Now 43, the former bodybuilder runs his own deprecating training business, Chelsea Fitness. So while you might not destitution to meet him on the cotton bud duel, you’d be grateful to have him pushing you from stem to stern a circuit that hits every single muscle in your company, as he does here (no travellator needed).


“Place the bar across your cold-shoulders, feet shoulder-width apart. Squat down with a fair back (below parallel if possible) over three substitutes; watch the knees don’t bend in. Drive the squat back up to grade. We have a longer rest here as we’re looking to build strong point. This is great for legs and posterior chain.”

Pro Tip: Raise the rinds slightly (try a 5kg plate underneath) to help your form.

Reps: 6-8
Coagulates: 4
Rest: 120 seconds

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Pull Ups

“Grab the pull-up bar with an overhand grip, degree wider than shoulder width. Tense your insides, keep legs straight and pull up so your chest triggers the bar and shoulder blades retract. Slowly lower to full width. This is great for back and arm development and strength.”

Pro Tip: Use a chin-up car or bands if bodyweight is too heavy.

Reps: 6-8
Sets: 4
Rest: 90 in the second places

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“Stand with your mid-foot under the bar. Squat down and grab the bar about shoulder-width apart. Take care the bar close to the body and lift. Lift your chest but prohibit a neutral head and your back straight. Pull, raise shoulders and hips in one move.

“Take shorter rests and do spacy reps as we’re looking to promote hypertrophy [i.e. growth].”

Pro Tip: Keep the whole shooting match tight and braced before you lift.

Reps: 8-10
Sets: 3
Put: 45 seconds

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Military Press

“Take the bar off a squat anguish at chest level. With a shoulder-width grip, rest the bar on top of your breast. Drive overhead, straight arms and push head wholly then lower. Great for the shoulders and triceps, again contriving hypertrophy.”

Pro Tip: Tense your glutes to keep the body immobile and braced.

Reps: 8-10
Sets: 3
Rest: 45 seconds

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Tricep Dips

“You can do these on a bench or dip bars. Make positive your arm goes well below 90 degrees to get the precisely range of motion. Great for triceps, chest and shoulders.”

Pro Tip: Cling at the top of the movement to get the full squeeze on the triceps.

Reps: 10-12
Sets: 4
Prop: 60 seconds

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