There isn’t profuse devices that can go away for a whole decade and still read e suggest us yearn for them, but the Game Boy does just that. Our iPhones are elevated for on-the-go gaming, but if you miss the satisfying button clicks and demand a loft full of old games cartridges waiting for their restoration, then old-school gaming company Retro-bit have got virtuous the thing.

The Super Retro Boy is designed to look and feel as inseparable to the original Game Boy as Nintendo would allow, while adding a clearer movies, backlit display and a 10 hour internal battery as completely cooked as a micro-USB port. It will play all of your old games – so dust off Pokemon Ruby – and so far emerge b be publishes in black and grey. It’s already won awards as the best new bit of tech at CES, so treat for a scramble to get hold of one…

Priced at a bargain $80, it’s due for release in the USA in August (UK appraisal and release date hasn’t yet been confirmed).

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