If you’re the well-intentioned of man to do legs on Friday night just because it’s on your arrange, we admire your dedication. But when you’re stood at the bar that gloaming, no one’s checking out your lower half.

To get big where it counts, you call for to hit your upper body and arms. But you need to work the in all honesty areas. “The muscles that fill out a T-shirt aren’t the pecs, which one obsesses about,” says Luke Worthington, head of training at security London gyms Third Space. “They’re actually the lats on the master b crush.”

As any bodybuilder knows, when you work a muscle repetitively it packs with blood, which creates a temporary ‘pump’ that detects you look bigger, stronger and more defined. By pairing pudgy back training with a light weight, high rep period on your arms, you’ll look like you’ve spent a lot more interval in the gym than you actually have.

Friday Night Muscle Workout: Retreat from

Perform this workout before you head out. Ideally, you’ll go plumb from the gym, to ensure your pumped-up muscles don’t deflate forward of you hit the bar. You’ll work your back in two planes – horizontal and vertical – with one insupportable and one light, finisher move for each. Take 60 jiffies rest between each set.

“For the biceps and triceps we just go for philosophical volume and ‘pump’,” says Worthington. “No need for developing cogency, just look to get as much blood into the muscle as workable.”

Single-Arm Dumbbell Row

4 sets of 5 reps (each arm)

Grab a stout dumbbell and place it on the floor next to a bench. Position yourself with your left side palm and knee on the bench, right foot on the floor and perfidiously flat. Grab the dumbbell with your right possession and row it up to your hip, keeping your torso locked and shoulders down. Slowly modulate.

After all your reps, repeat with your port side arm.


Seated Cable Row

4 sets of 15 reps

Sit in show of a cable machine and grab the handles. With your arms tender and shoulders down – no shrugging – drive your elbows recoil from until the handles reach your stomach. Squeeze your ostracize blades together as if you’ve got a golf ball trapped between them. Hold-up, then return.



4 sets of 5 reps
Catch the handles of a pull-up station, hands more than shoulder-width but for and palms facing away from you. Squeeze your lats to end yourself up until your chest meets the bar. Pause, then slowly put down to a dead hang – your elbows should be straight – first repeating.

Add weight if you’re not struggling by the fifth rep.


Lat Pull-Downs

4 factions of 15 reps
Sit in the lat pull-down machine and grab the handles with your palms skin away. Tense your lats and drive your elbows down to your cools to lift the weight. Pause at the bottom, then slowly moderate the weight.


The Friday Night Muscle Workout: Arms

For the arms pale, complete one set of each exercise then move straight onto the next, without laze about. After the curls, rest for two minutes then repeat the full circuit, for five rounds total.


To failure
Consider yourself in a dip station, arms straight and knees bent so your shins are complementarity to the floor. Lean forward slightly and bend your arms to downgrade your body, until your elbow is at 90 degrees. Then ride yourself back to the start position. Repeat until you file for Chapter Eleven.


Tate Press

12 reps
Lie on a bench with a dumbbell in each possession. Your arms should be straight, with your palms faade your feet and the ends of the weights touching. Push your elbows out to the side, so you ends of the slants come down to your chest. Let them touch, then straighten your arms to goad the weight back up.


Bicep Curl With Isometric Advance

10 reps (each arm)

Grab two dumbbells and hold them by your side. Curl your quickly arm up to 90 degrees, then hold that position while you act all your reps with your left arm. Swap, so the sinistral weight is held and you perform reps with your morality.