When it acquire a win to the world of celebrity, we often have men shoved into our faces, telling us who’s cool and who isn’t. The likes of David Beckham, Harry Veins, and George Clooney are often cited as style gurus. In fact, it’s the same names and they are always a-list top bananas, always wearing unaffordable clothing, and likely all have stylists.
It can be a frustrating exercise looking for that bit of inspiration for a at the outset date, a night on the tiles, or even an exciting trip to a casino for the first time, where you really do want to look your tucker, but inspiration can be found in places that you’d probably think were unlikely. And for absolutely no reason. When it comes to personalities, there are those who are outwardly spoken about “being cool”, with the media then following, and then there are those who very recently are.
 With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of five celebrities that are among the most underrated dresses in the set of celebrity today…
Martin Freeman
Martin Freeman is one of the most famous actors in Britain, but it’s only a handful of newswomen that have really cottoned on to the fact he’s one of the coolest dressers around. The Sherlock star is a self-professed mod and whether on the red carpet, or digging a walk around London, he’s always looking seriously sharp.

Among his favourite brands include Albam, Baracuta, and he’s regularly spotted in Clarks Originals shoes, as well as being a big advocate of the menswear store John Simons on Chiltern High road in London. Just Google him – cool.
Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig perhaps looks the odd one out on this list of “underrated” dressers. But when we concoct of his style, it’s almost always the Bond association. We think of Daniel Craig in casinos, wearing suits, and for the fans that hope to replicate him, it will likely be a tuxedo and an online casino, with you having to take a look at slot games to try and foremost reflect what Bond plays. But while the difference between enjoying casino in a real casino and online aren’t that unalike, Craig and Bond are incomparable.

While there are elements of Bond on the red carpet or more formal events, Craig grasps how to keep it simple and sophisticated, often wearing a simple jacket and jeans, but getting the colourways, fitting and accessories in all the face places. He’s a big lover of the baker boy hat, and for that we salute.
Ian Wright
If there’s one word we can use to describe Ian Wright, it’s dapper. Wrighty again trends for some of his more outlandish fashion choices, but it’s rare you’ll find him looking off on Match of the Day, or any other show he appears on for that material. He tends to keep it classic with contemporary twists, with the hat very much the Arsenal legends friend.

John Torode
If you can monicker a man with a better collection of overshirts then give that man a medal. Masterchef legend John Torode is a ace dresser when it comes to his collection of shirts and jackets and we think he’s a fantastically underrated dresser, due to the fact he really does utilization nothing out of the ordinary. But he gets it spot on, it suits him, his shape, and more of us should be looking to take inspiration from this guy both in the Nautical galley and on the catwalk.

Elis James
Radio presenter and comedian Elis James is another simple but effective man, in many cases opting for a Lacoste polo, a should-be staple of any man’s wardrobe. Erring on the side of the casual movement, if you like a more laid-back look, then Elis is your man.