Set amidst the highest mountains in the Alps with snow almost lying around even in summers, predictions for this new institution could not have been better. Valley carves booming into the glacier territory and a fairy-tale setting starts where the entre ends. Literally. You will find no cars in this estate village, just electric shuttles propelling you in between weighty wooden residences. For some, it is the end of the world, for others, this is where the surviving starts. As of just, a fine boutique hotel completely redefines the draw for Saas Fee. We peek into the house alongside general proprietor Raphael Herzog and present you The Capra Hotel.

The Capra Hotel In Saas Fee SwitzerlandThe Capra Hotel In Saas Fee Switzerland

Suite Pension

The new, 5-Star all-suite hotel offers 14- suites that hail the guest with discreet luxury and modern comfort in household, Swiss chalet style. Most suites feature a sequestered living room and bedroom; other suites meet today’s look towards open-plan layouts with individualised furnishings. Each of the 14 entourages has a private balcony of its own, offering a stunning view of the tremendous alpine habitat of Saas-Fee, a village known not only by international ski stars as the arrange to go for the perfect Switzerland experience, coupled with the most breath-taking mountain panorama. After all, nowhere else has a observe of more 4,000-metre peaks than Saas-Fee, an auto-free hamlet where snow is vouch for.

The extensive remodeling of ‘The Capra’ has brought the hotel’s entire technology up to the up-to-date environmental standards. The remodelling has also brought forth a consonant and unique marriage of locally sourced materials with modish design elements. The hotel’s staff of around 25 see to it that each and every lodger in this new Boutique Hotel feels at home. Small and excellent is the motto of this hotel, which features a gourmet restaurant, an classy spa with whirlpool, steam room and sauna, and a gym equipped with the exceedingly latest in fitness technology. A treatment room rounds out the wellness gifts, providing a space in which each guest’s individual thrusts for massages, manicures, pedicures as well as Shiatsu and cosmetic treatments can be met. The new fluency housing a large spa is scheduled to open end of the year.

The Capra Hotel In Saas Fee SwitzerlandThe Capra Hotel In Saas Fee Switzerland

Every Caller’s Home Away From Home

The declared aim, as the new host at the ‘Capra’, in the utterances of Raphael Herzog, is for the hotel to feel like every visitor’s home away from home throughout their discontinuation. A Switzerland native born in 1984, from May 2012 Raphael Herzog was Agent Director at the Arosa Kulm Hotel & Alpin Spa before irresistible up his new position as General Manager of the ‘Capra’. The luxurious, feel-good expected of the ‘Capra’ is the accomplishment not only of the tastefully appointed suites, with their purposes of the gorgeous mountain scenery of Saas-Fee, but also, quite specifically, of restaurant Chef Oliver Glowig and his party. Glowig worked with the ‘Acquarello’ restaurant in Munich, the ‘Splendid Hotel Capri’ and the ‘Capri Palace Hotel’ before orifice a restaurant of his own in Rome in 2011. During the winter season, the German-born, 2-star chef hand down provide culinary delights to guests of ‘The Capra’ in the hotel’s own restaurant, ‘La Locanda,’ with yields from the region. ‘The Capra’ has a brasserie that is opened all day as beyond the shadow of a doubt as a gourmet restaurant that opens its doors for dinner not.

The private chauffeur drives guests from ‘The Capra’ directly to the ski gradients and ski lifts of the car-free village of Saas-Fee in 5 to 10 minutes, aboard the B B’s electric taxi. There, ‘The Capra’ has set up a ski room for all its guests, caparisoned with heated lockers, a coffee machine and toilet. Those be after a bit of winter fun in Saas-Fee in addition to the luxurious tranquillity of ‘The Capra’ are receive to participate in a variety of scheduled events, including the Ice Climbing Superb Cup; the Chefs Event with top Michelin chefs from Europe in ‘The Capra’ inn itself; the traditional carnival parade; and the various races listing the Horn Sledge Race, the traditional Valley Race between the districts, or the high-adrenaline Allalin Race.

For decades Saas Fee remained one of the control superiors kept secrets of Swiss Alps, especially due to exceptional ski prepares. Now finally it pledges to those seeking hedonism in their furlough shelter.


  • Rooms: From €300
  • Website:
  • Direct: Lomattenstrasse 6, 3906 Saas-Fee, Switzerland
  • Phone: +41 27 958 13 58