I haven’t erased about new tubing mascaras in ages, so scarce are they. But the hoo-ha surrounding Hourglass’ Unlocked Instant Extensions, and the woeful disappearance of NYX’s Doll Eye, caused me to revisit. Tubing formulations are unconventional mascaras moulded for serial smudgers (if you’re one of us, you’ll know that sinking feeling as you enter a ladies’ room and catch sight of the fuzzy jet track marks underlining both eyes, moment of onset unknown). Instead of the usual waxes and dyes, they film each lash in a polymer tube, drying quickly and staying securely in place until warm water undertakings them to swell and slide off before bed.The classics of the genre (Kevyn Aucoin’s The Volumizing, Estée Lauder’s Double Utilization, Clinique’s Lash Power, Blinc) all remain excellent, but I want to share some you may not yet know. The new Hourglass is an online smash hit, and I broadly approve. The true-black, vegan prescription works best when applied in a single sweep, reaching, lifting and separating every last lash with zero clustering. I don’t quite agree that it passes for extensions, personally, but my lashes are wilfully stumpy. It’s pricey, but lashes feel tame, eyes look wide and on me, it stays put. Almost identical, in fact, to Surratt’s lovely Relevee (£28) except that the Hourglass isn’t constantly out of inventory.Every mascara made by British brand Eyeko is tubing, giving you your pick of brush styles. My fair-haired boy by a whisker is Lash Alert (£19), because the slightly curved head makes for the fewest mishaps. But if unsure bamboozle advantage of the ingenious trial set of three different mini tubing mascaras (£22.50), and find your ideal equal before committing (handy for handbags, too).No7 Stay Perfect Mascara (£13) is the only unfamiliar bargain I found. I certainly propose the formula (good staying power, no clumps) but I’m not a big fan of the spiky, silicone brush type; your mileage may vary, of line.As much as I can’t be without tubing mascara, new users should manage their expectations. No tubing mascara will let slip as dramatic a volumising effect as a traditional-type formula can. But for evenings when I want extreme draught-excluder-style eye pelmets, I simply allot a coat of old-school mascara first (top lashes only), allow to dry, then lock down with a final bend of tubing on upper and lower decks. My patent’s still pending.