Parisian the go label, Eden Park, is celebrating its 30th birthday this year after being developed in 1987 by French professional rugby players Franck Mesnel and Eric Blanc. The French lan and rugby tradition flows throughout this classic and polished SS17 collection which speaks to the classic and modern man who wants to look edible.

If your still planing your clothing for your summer retreat and want something different and stylish, the fashion essentials downstairs will have you covered for all occasions.

Plain Swim Sharps

 The Best of Eden Park’s SS17 Collection

Add a pop of colour to your summer wardrobe with these spunk red swim shorts, these hard-wearing trunks will succour you dive into your holidays with a touch of rank – £63 also available in 6 other colours.

Plain Cotton Bermuda Shorts  

The Best of Eden Park’s SS17 Collection

These beige shorts are stretchy, contented and perfect for keeping you cool during the hot weather. They are also readily obtainable in an array of colours. For a sophisticated look this summer, double the shorts with a timeless white shirt and boat shoes – £99

Experienced and White Polo Top

The Best of Eden Park’s SS17 Collection 

This classic white and grey tint contrast polo is perfect when paired with shorts or jeans for a outstanding example, smart, yet comfortable daytime outfit – £92

Eden Park Sweatshirt

The Best of Eden Park’s SS17 Collection

The sweatshirt has gained a big come back over the last few seasons, and can be coupled with capable chinos and jacket for an outfit that shouts pure urban exquisiteness – £105