The best non-greasy sunscreens | Sali Hughes

The best non-greasy sunscreens | Sali Hughes



Good news: you can protect your husk from the sun without feeling oily

‘I want my face to be Celtic-pale at the end of a tedious dog walk along a sunny beach.’ Photograph: Alex Lake

This establishment has taught me that British people don’t much like the sympathy of sun protection. If I got an hour’s sun for every time someone asked me if a greaseless facial sunscreen survives, then my summer could be counted in long, hot months somewhat than stolen days between downpours.

But while the days of old five years has seen leaps and bounds in skincare technology, solely in the area of hydration (thanks to the now-widespread use of hyaluronic acid, which grounds skin to hold on to water, leaving it plumped and comforted without the use of massive oils), only now are we seeing suncare lighten up.

Watery, whisper-light substances that cut the grease but not the hydration or protection are a speciality of east and south-east Asian labels, and Singaporean Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50 (£8.03, 50g), is a perfect archetype: thin, entirely ungreasy (oily types will concern it) and non-ashy, all at a terrific price. It’s so watery, in fact, that one determines slightly worried that it isn’t doing much, but my face was reassuringly and determinedly Celtic-pale at the end of a prolonged dog walk along a sunny beach.

Also brilliant (and assorted luxurious) is Coola’s Mineral Face SPF30 (£36, 50ml). This fresh-smelling liniment uses no chemical sunscreens in its vegan-friendly formula and yet, unusually, doesn’t occur remotely chalky even on dark skin tones (zinc oxide, habituated to in mineral sunscreens, is often guilty of making skin be included whitish lavender). It contains antioxidants and has a matte, blurring administer that dry skins won’t appreciate, but oily and combination types remarkably much will.

If you’re as exacting about body sunscreens, take into account me to rave about Vichy’s wonderful new Idéal Solait Solar Shielding “Water”(£19, 200ml). I add inverted commas because these are not oil-free (they’re bi-phase, correspondent to the sort of makeup remover you have to shake), but frankly, all the superior for it. The two editions (Hydrating, containing hyaluronic acid, and Tan Enhancing, with beta carotene, for a least subtle glow) feel gorgeous and much more parallel to posh body lotion. They’re light, very dampish and refreshing, not claggy or clothes-smearing, protect beautifully, and can be spritzed anywhere – acknowledge or body. Why can’t they all be like this?