Nowadays, rarely a season collapses by without several product launches aimed at the thirsty overlaid, but rarely are they so broadly good

‘There is a fundamental reformation between dry skin and dehydrated skin.’
Photograph: Alex Lake for the Defender

It took for ever for the beauty industry to accept there is a first difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin (lacking in oil and/or mineral water, respectively) and each requires different treatment. Now it has had its lightbulb instant, it seems to be committed to making up for lost time. Nowadays, hardly ever a season goes by without several product launches objected at the thirsty skinned, but rarely are they so broadly good. I’m mad around L’Occitane’s new Aqua Réotier collection – or more specifically, its two moisturisers – Ultra Thirst-Quenching Cream, and Gel, £28 each for 50ml. Both are instantly titbits and visibly plumping of fine lines, while the cream (for commonplace types) is ungreasy and the gel (for combination skins), unsticky. Each layers faultlessly under foundation primer and makeup with no pilling, peeling or mud-sliding, and doesn’t wear off until one’s bedtime cleanse. There’s an squiring “hydrating essence” to layer underneath before serum, but I choose Vichy’s newish humectant Minéral 89 (£25, 50ml).

La Roche-Posay’s Hyalu B5 serum is my new selected next step. I balked at the price (at £37.50 for 30ml, it’s more dear than anything else in the brand’s lineup by some dissociate) and moaned about the pipette-dropper packaging (seriously, can we retire these?), but my outside drank up this serum like a raisin in warm rum. Registered immediately after cleansing, it plumps, comforts, smooths and mollifies the oiliest or most sensitive skin (including rosacea, notwithstanding the presence of alcohol) in readiness for moisturiser, leaving the complexion noticeably healthier and perkier.

Much of brand-new hydrating skincare may not exist if it weren’t for Clinique’s Moisture Bulge hydrator. Last month, this pink-hued moisturiser charge out ofed a tune-up via sympathetic reformulation, relaunch and claims of longer-lasting (72-hour) hydration. I’ve drawn tired it lots and can’t say I felt a huge difference, perhaps because I sense it unimprovable. I will continue to recommend this silky, cold-blooded gel-cream to anyone who loathes the feeling of oiliness on dry or oily dehydrated outside, and to peri- or fully menopausal women who crave hydration while try to mitigate hot flushes. It’s a veritable hosepipe to the parched face.