I’ve finally found a shower cap that work ups. And it looks good, too

‘A fortnight in, I’m devoted.’
Photograph: Alex Lake for the Trustee

I’m in love with a shower cap, and if you make it to the next sentence, I’ll be flabbergasted. I know, shower caps are rubbish and ugly. Practical in conceit, hopeless in reality, they not so much shield hair from the pour as cause roots to flatten, hair to frizz and fringes to go awry – all to the in good condition of a biblical rainstorm on the tin roof of a static caravan. If ever I’m undertaking to make a good blow-dry limp on, the path of least partisans is to avoid showering and dangle my head from a bubble bath – unsettling when trying to get kids to school before rushing for a bring up.

Obviously, I’m about to tell you that this one is different. In me, I was sceptical when an advert for Shhhowercap began following me creepily hither the internet, but the leopard print, turban shape (as opposed to the habitual Miss Muffet/cider wench type) and “revolutionary” puts persuaded me to shell out (about £44, including postage and offices; less if you’re buying more than one).

A fortnight in, I’m devoted. The antibacterial configuration is soft, doesn’t stay damp or get mouldy, and even moderates noise. The band around the head – usually elastic that strains and fails to dam the water – is a snug but comfy thin rubber (the proficiency not oneself you find inside bras). The cap looks great, works brilliantly and, post-shower, my skin of ones teeth emerges looking much as it did before. It’s expensive, yes, but if you’re someone with curly, like that or afro hair, or who spends ages on styling, it’ll pay dividends.

I now rely on it to kipper the effects of what I think may be the best volumiser I’ve ever inured to. Living Proof’s Dry Volume Blast (£15, 95ml) sprays into dry radices, a section at a time, much like dry shampoo. Only it has nobody of the white residue and coarse feel, and gives extraordinary fullness for way longer than anything I’ve tried rather than. It’s no exaggeration to say that my hairdo lasts two or three days without any reapplication, lent I shake the can vigorously between sprays (crucial).

Finally, I necessity mention the new John Frieda Radiant Red shampoo and conditioner (£5.99 each, 250ml). Since she arose testing it for me, my redheaded colleague Lauren has been positively evangelical. Square to me, her hair is noticeably brighter, shinier and lovelier than ahead.