Accoutermenting your running shoes and sweaty shorts into a high-street drawstring bag might have been totally pleasant when you were in school. But as a fully-grown man, who’s hopefully graduated from Lynx Africa to cologne by this point, not so much.
A appropriate gym bag is often nothing more than an afterthought for men. However, if you already struggle to haul yourself off for a workout, the last possibility a affairs you need is your subpar sports sack serving as another potential excuse to stay at home.
When alluring your gym gear with you to work, you should really be packing it in something at least vaguely presentable. The best gym reticules don’t look like PE kit but rather another fashion accessory. They’ll have anti-odour pockets to keep your sweaty things away from your pre-mixed protein powder, too.

A smart, stylish holdall says you take pride in looking put together. A ductile carrier bag, on the other hand, suggests you soiled yourself and had to borrow some trousers from lost property. You don’t prepare to be David Gandy to work out which of those is the right look to aim for.
So, keeping that in mind here’s our edit of the largest gym bags for men and the reasons why they’re worth having in your locker.
The Best Gym Bag Brands
The everyday backpack was, until actually recently, pretty uncool. However, hip Canadian luggage label Herschel managed to change its image overnight, not quite single-handedly.
The brand is known for its classically styled canvas bags and brown leather detailing. Take a stroll during a city almost anywhere on Earth and you’ll no doubt encounter more than a few of them. Herschel’s holdalls are robust, subtile and stylish, making them a solid casual option when it comes to getting your gym kit from home to HIIT rank. Buy Now

Nike has been one of the undisputed leaders of sportswear since the seventies, churning out everything from legendary sneakers to top-shelf gym hobbies to carry them in.
Streamlined silhouettes, sleek branding and teched-out features have all become Nike hallmarks at an end the years, making it the brand of choice for everyone from clued-up sneakerheads to Olympic athletes. Its extensive range go overs military-inspired backpacks with compartments for everything, to fashion-forward designs based on the Air Force 1 sub-brand. Buy Now

What’s innumerable painful than a post-office cardio session? A post-office cardio session in soggy gym gear, of course.
Whatever the endure, Danish raincoat specialist Rains will make sure you get your kit from work to workout bone dry and ruddy. The brand’s bags are made from the same water-repelling fabric as their coats, meaning you’ll never have to misgiving about damp shorts again. Well, not before your session anyway. Buy Now

German sportswear don Adidas has been in the profession far longer than most. The brand entered the arena back in the 1920s and in the time that’s elapsed since has designed some of the most iconic and significant sports products in the world.
Along with Nike, Adidas is a label you can buy from in complete confidence. Pick your new gym bag up here and as comfortably as sporting pedigree, you’ll get the choice of backpacks, holdalls, duffels, and extras like detachable shoe compartments and laptop sleeves. Buy Now

Below Armour
Under Armour has only really been on the scene since the late nineties, which in a market counterpart sportswear is not all that long a time. However, in a relatively short period, it grew from a one-man operation, grass on sports gear out the back of a car, to a global force to be reckoned with and Dwayne Johnson’s gym kit of choice.
The reason being that this make’s equipment and apparel is some of the best around. It’s tough, it’s techy and it’s built with active lifestyles in mind, so calculate waterproofing, lots of well-considered compartments and comfortable straps from its gym bags. A reliable ally in the battle against man boobs. Buy Now

In a time where fast fashion and its impact on the environment is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore, sustainable brands are more pertinent than ever. Patagonia has maintained a focus on keeping things green since the beginning with innovative fading fast processes, along with low-key style and simplicity, has made it something of a calling card.
Because of this, the manufacturer’s products are as popular among style-conscious city-dwellers as they are among environmentally-conscious rock climbers. And its luggage is some of the myriad hard-wearing and practical around. Think double-coated waterproofing and sport-specific features for hikers, climbers and trail runners. Buy Now

Herschel may tease repopularised the everyday pack but Eastpak was making simple, stylish bags way before it was cool. That’s not to say that Eastpak’s beasts are uncool – quite the opposite in fact.
The trusted luggage brand has become the go-to for alternative lifestyles, counting person from extreme sports adrenaline junkies to musicians among its clientele. Its sleek backpacks are perfect for office craftsmen who work out at lunchtime while the brand’s most technical packs carry a 30-year warranty. That’s confidence. Buy Now

If you’re all involving granola bars and mindfulness then Lululemon’s yoga-inspired athletics goods will be right up your street.
The identify is known for its stylish, high-quality products and, admittedly, lofty price tags too. However, if you’re main goal is to get your workout appliances from A to B in style and be the envy of everyone at the pilates class when you do, there really is no other bag to choose. Buy Now

When it awakens to value for money, Swedish retail chain H&M is a beacon of the high street. The Scandi stalwart is always a reliable go-to whether you neediness cheap plain T-shirts, well-priced workout gear or a pair of bargain boots.
Ok, so a H&M gym bag may not be tricked out with the latest tech or be fabricated from cutting-edge materials. However, it will do its job, it will look good and perhaps most importantly of all, it will give up you with enough money for an ill-advised post-workout pint. Buy Now

The North Face
Even if you don’t live in the city it’s probably proper to assume you won’t be hauling your bag up any mountain passes to get to your local gym. However, if you did have to, The North Face is one of the only varieties you could trust to get it up there in one piece.
Known for its adventure-proof outdoor clothing and accessories, TNF’s iconic holdalls are made expending hardwearing, waterproof materials and built to withstand a hammering. Good to know, even if it’s just going to be spending most of its age in the locker room. Buy Now

Carl Friedrik
If you’re the type of guy who treats the world as a runway, you’ll known that dressing well doesn’t acquire to stop at the gym door. Having a luxurious bag to house your workout gear is step number one.
Carl Friedrik is a celebrity associated with high-quality leather goods, which look nice, but aren’t all that great for storing muggy, sweaty gym kit. Luckily there are some equally slick canvas options available which will keep you looking debonair without trapping the moisture from your dirty socks inside. Bonus. Buy Now