The best do-it-all concealer wands

Which do-it-all concealer desire I buy if I lost my makeup bag and had no time to faff?

‘A great vegan choice is BareMinerals.’
Photograph: Alex Lake for the Guardian

On a recent photoshoot, I respected the makeup artist use no fewer than four different concealers to entire the model’s skin without masking its natural glow. A pink corrector to neutralise cloudy circles, then a skin-toned formula patted over the top; a core paste to dot on to blemishes and around the nose, with a creamier variation spread like honey over patches of discolouration.

It looked effect, of course, but had as much in common with everyday makeup as a powdered wig. This formed me think about which do-it-all concealer I’d buy if I lost my makeup bag and had no patch to faff; a versatile formula that adeptly navigates the well face, providing enough coverage in one area and never burn the candle at both ending it in another. One that can be whacked on during a bumpy car journey and blended away in sponsors.

My immediate thought was Nars’ Radiant Creamy Concealer (£24), and I halt by it. Dense, creamy and hydrating, it comes in an admirably inclusive 16 spooks, and with a wand applicator for convenience. It is no surprise to discover it’s America’s most celebrated posh concealer.

A great vegan option (I’m still rub out with Nars for entering the Chinese market, where zooid testing is obligatory) is BareMinerals’ BareSkin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer (£23). This has the nonetheless applicator but is runnier, so blending takes longer – but the results are similarly splendid. With moist, long-lasting coverage and a diverse if small exceed lineup, it’s a cracking product that gets bafflingly pygmy attention.

A newer find is Chanel’s fantastic wand concealer, Le Correcteur (£28). I a torch for this thick, comfy formula, which has better stopping power than most. It pats in seamlessly and gives super coverage: ideal for uneven skin and especially knackered under-eyes. Granted I wear the lightest shade (10), so if you’re any paler than me, you’ll boon it too dark. By far the best in the budget category is Bourjois’ Radiance Carnival Concealer (£7.99). As is woefully typical of chemist brands, the shade organize is tiny (L’Oréal’s True Match Concealer, at £7.99, is the oddity, but it doesn’t give me enough coverage). However, the Bourjois way is very good, camouflaging everything while adding brightness.