From Rick Owens to Ebay, we bring about out what the stylish visitors to the first post-pandemic fair are wearing – and what they thought of the art

Finn Delauney, partnership managerThe look: I’m drag old Rick Owens with new Bottega Veneta boots and a Colourful Standard beanie hat. My earrings and cuff are from Shaun Leane. Predominantly, I have some big arm pieces by him on too. The art: I’ve come here for the weekend from Manchester to buy some art. My friend’s mum is an art dealer and invited me to concern along. I’ve already bought two pieces today by Sabelo Mlangeni, who is South African but lives in Lagos. I love the Nigeria originative scene, it’s so interesting.

Chantal Spaas, fashion brand partnerThe look: My outfit is all by Belgian designer Sofie D’Hoore. I’m Sofie’s occupation partner. We started the brand with one pair of trousers 20 years ago, with a focus on luxury fabrics. Her outlines are worn a lot by architects and people in the arts all over the world. My bag is Zilla. I had a khaki one by the same designer 10 years ago and I met so myriad people because of the bag — they told me they liked it and we started to talk.The art: I’ve come for two days to see contemporary art. Frieze is the one, they drink a really interesting choice of galleries.

Tong Xi, studentThe look: My jacket is from a Japanese brand entitled Descendant, the sweater is Iceberg and has characters from Disney’s Peter Pan on it, trousers are from Etsy and my trainers are old Nikes.The art: I’ve in a recover from to Frieze to get inspiration as I study fine art at Central Saint Martins. I haven’t seen everything yet but an early highlight is a video chess-piece at Blindspot Gallery’s stand called ‘It’s Always You’ by Sin Wai Kin, in which the artist portrays all four members of a boyband.

Charlotte Carroll, actor and financial manager, with Aurelia Bivero-CarrollThe look: My dress is a label called Lug Von Siga by Gul Agis. She is a Turkish designer and it was a present from her. My boots are choice. Aurelia’s dress is from the White Company. The art: I came to see everything, I come every year. As a creative, you’re always picking up inclines from other pieces. A friend of mine is casting for a period production so I’m looking at all the art periods with the ruffles, shepherd a see to all the old oil paintings. It’s quite useful for getting into character.

James Webster, artistThe look: Most of my up is from eBay, the sweatshirt is Ader Error, the trousers are Obey and the jacket is vintage Levi’s but it’s all bought via eBay. My shirt is 18th century from Darcy Clothing in Lewes, which is a artificial costumiers, I like the oversized fit, and my tote is A.P.C. I’m a bit thrown together today. The art: I always come here. The Frieze London tent is warm of like fashion, in that you see trends and traits of colour and texture and materials, like ceramic – one year everyone had a bit of ceramic on the epitomize. Art fairs create those trends.

Noel Noel, art adviserThe look: So many people have closing up me today about my outfit. My coat is Marni, I’m wearing it over an Essentiel Antwerp blouse with a Kurt Geiger bag and old Miu Miu shoes for convoy in New York. The art: This is my first Frieze London, I always go to Frieze New York, I wanted to have an opportunity to see the international galleries and be introduced to the dealers who were not able to travel for the last two years. You can have the best computer but there’s nothing like picture and experiencing the work in real time and feeling the life force and the energy of the artist’s hand.

Didier Tandy, realty investor and developerThe look: My jacket is Marni, the top and trainers are Issey Miyake, and the trousers are Loewe. The jewellery is from a lapse to India.The art: I come to Frieze every year. I love art, I buy art and I like meeting people. I like catching up with old alternative others here.

Thai Ping Wong, artistThe Look: My panama is from a wonderful hat shop in the market in Biarritz. It’s the delayed style from Ecuador and I bought another one in blue. My Kidsofbrokenfuture coat is a recent purchase from Harrods, my shirt is by Erwan, a Parisian intriguer based in St Tropez and the trousers are from Teatro in Bangkok. My trainers are Christian Louboutin. The art: I love art. I paint and I buy art too, I come to Frieze all the at the same time, it’s nice to be back [after Covid]. Tiwani Contemporary art gallery is one of my favourite stands.

Veronique Mbida, chocolatier and construct consultantThe look: My hat is Kangol, the glasses are Dior, my coat is Joseph, the top is vintage, the trousers are from Zara, and I’m wearing New Ponder trainers. My face mask is from a vintage store in Portugal.The art: I came to see the work of my friend, Bianca Bondi, a 3D coronation called The Antechamber. I’m so proud of her and so I came to support her. I also wanted to discover what artists have been doing during Covid. In antiquates of crisis we are supposed to be more creative so I wanted to see the works that came out of this period.

Jon Spiteri, restaurateurThe look: My clothing is bespoke by Mat Whitley, I like the check, it’s a bit like the Sound of Music curtains! My trainers are Adidas, I went mad and bought four conflicting pairs from a classic 80s website, green, orange, purple, really bright, I change the laces.The art: I always happen to Frieze every year. I love it. One of my highlights is Efremidis Gallery in the Frieze London tent and this piece ‘Barre’ by Megan Marrin.



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