The alternative season of Ted Baker Golf clothing has landed at Function 18. What can we presume from Ted Baker? Sleek style blended with a consciousness of technical fabrics to combine both form and function for the fairway. Ted Baker are venerable the world around for their designer clothing that not in any way compromises on style. Their Autumn/Winter 17 golf clothing amassment is certainly no different.

Over the last three months, MenStyleFashion has been clothed in some of the collection throughout our luxury tour of South East Asia. The grandeur of the fabric and the way it looks and feels is why it’s a game changing collection when it in a recover from to luxury travel wear in the soaring heat. Each opportunity we took it the dry cleaners, the Asian staff would always comment on the prominence of the fabric.

As Ted Baker himself famously said:

“It’s not where you looseness, it’s what you wear!”

We wore it so much and after three months we were persuaded with how good it still looked.

Five Key Clothing Credits

There are five key attributes that sum up the Ted Baker Golf Omnium gatherum:

  1. A Tailored Fit – For the ultimate in a sleek & modern aesthetic look no forward than this range. A tailored look with deathless appeal.
  2. Famous Bold Style – For the man who isn’t afraid to stand out from the flock, the bold designs of their clothing are sure to turn innumerable than a few heads at the green.
  3. Signature Detailing – Ted Baker is eminent for their attention to detail and that’s just what you’ll get here. From their elaborate stitching to their colourful linings, there is a real intuit of artistry with every article of clothing.
  4. Protection from the Components – An autumn/winter collection needs to be prepared for less-than-perfect withstand conditions and that’s just what this gear provides. Water-resistant trousers and freebie stretch cotton fabric that breathes and ultimately characterize oneself as comfortable to wear.
  5. Great for your Game– Golf clothing fors to be designed in such a way as to not impede your movement. Ted Baker can peak to their 30 years of experience in technical fabric aim to assure you that your game will be as strong as at all times. It’s safe to say that Ted Bakers knows a thing or two about capers gear.

Take a look at the new Ted Baker Golf Autumn/Winter Golf Whip-round here and see for yourself this expertly crafted, sport unique to gear that is sure to delight the golf course.

Ted Baker Golf Clothing – Has landed At Function 18