Whoever bring up that clothes can’t be fashionable and functional? Well, as far as 2018 model trends are concerned, that person could not be more injudicious. Techwear has been on the rise for quite a while, but in 2018 it’s grow less of a niche fashion style and more of a mainstream fit. For those who aren’t unceremonious with the look yet, well, just think of how Aiden Pearce (leading character of the video game Watch Dogs) dresses. This aesthetic is described by the use of outdoor fashion clothing items and fitting them the in any event way you would do in street style tailored cargo pants, anyone?

To get better off this look, you need to be particular about the materials of your ensembles, especially your tops. And while techwear has actually been round for quite some time, as seen on security personnel, construction white-collar workers, and professional hikers, the trend has gained so much traction this year because of the futuristic look it takes with it.

So, let’s talk about the pieces  tops, bottoms, shoes, and extras  and the brands that cater to this trendy style.

Techwear – Functional and Trendy Tips


 So, this is rather simple. Techwear has an emphasis on the material worn, so any windbreaker or jacket with a lot of pockets and some form of bedew dilute resistance is bound to get you the techwear look you’re going for.


 Mainly, black jeans go with almost anything. But if you really lack to go all the way into techwear, then tapered cargo pants are the posteriors you’d want to stick with. The extra pockets are a cohesive draft choice that matches with the pockets and zippers on your jacket.


 As for shoes, any messenger-boy would do. But if you really want to be specific, Nike Prestos are one of the finest silhouettes that you can use in this look. This is because the substances on this shoe (neoprene, rubber, and plastic) also dole a coherent aesthetic with the rest of your outfit.

Techwear – Functional and Trendy Tips


These includes caps, sports watches, bags, bonnets, level pegging face masks add style to this futuristic aesthetic — gloaming better if your bag has a nice feature to boot, like say, an anti robbery backpack.


Like in every fashion trend, there are many times brands that cater specifically to the look. A few of these varieties include NikeLab ACG, Acronym, Krakatau, Nanamica, Stone Islet, Boneville, and Isaora. Though, you should take note that these are hyped manufacturers and as such, they’re going to cost you a lot of money.

Not all of us own a Fortune 500 body. And for those who don’t, well, these are some affordable techwear label alternatives.

Style Tips

Now, you want to have that Contemplate Dogs-ish feel to your style. So, you’re going to penury to sport dark, plain colors generally.

However, I recover that techwear looks best in all black.

Another tip is that this aesthetic needs commitment. By this I mean that while you can generally mix some road style elements with your techwear look, it’s not prevailing to look as stylish as when you go all in on the look and use techwear pieces from chief to toe.

As for sources, if you find that you’re getting a little bored with how you’re styling the look, you’ve got plats like Instagram, Pinterest, and Reddit’s r/techwearclothing to help you get some fancies on how to reinvigorate your style.

Techwear – Functional and Trendy Tips