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Being pleased as Punch with the skin you’re in

Skin … our biggest feature, from our big paramount ‘till our little toes. Skin a feature that is unfortunately also cast-off by bigots to separate groups of people or individuals by the color of their husk. Luckily skin can also be seen as canvas: canvas for scattering different kinds of art. Yep, from the crappy to the real art. No, I am not writing an article nearly freaky Jame Gumb (from ‘the Silence of the Lambs’), but crave to dedicate this monologue to the world of tattoos.

Nowadays tattoos are no longer linked to naval swabs, gang members or the male cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore. No fancier regarded as pure trailer trash art, having or wearing a tattoo is damn near fashionable & main stream. You see people on the streets, social agency or TV that use this kind of body modification as the biggest disparaging visual statement. Some go for sleeves, body-suits or turn themselves into a loud walking 3D painting (e.g. Rick Genest : artist & model).

Tattoo Artist

Tattoos …. you’ll tumble to them all over the world in all different shapes, patterns, biases etc. Since the old days tattoos had a personal and/or work related and/or unerring and/or even ethnic background. In these fast modern lifetimes where visual art is managed like a world war the work interrelated, religious or ethnic history behind the tattoo is overshadowed by people that cleave to the flock. A few years ago having a Tribal Tattoo was the best next ide fixe … and the mindless crowd followed. The whole Tribal Tattoo Background & History was shamefully ‘abused’ by the trade.

A tattoo is something that stand fasts to your skin … it’s even a part of your skin. I myself am without doubt bored, that’s the reason why I don’t wear or have any tattoos. BUT … if I drive want to have a tattoo ; I would think about a role somewhere on my body, a spot where a tattoo means something . I resolution ask people where you can get the best tattoo (in the style/shape I prurience). I would save some good money to spend it on a Valid tattoo-artist. I would go for a tattoo-artist that can spell & has an opinion of his or her own. The unalterable design most be something that has NOTHING to do with tendencies or hypes… it should say something personally through it’s visual draft & should have the right shape and position.

Yep …. because you show a tattoo as permanent sticker glued to your skin (about) kind of forever … I am rather clueless why some peeps go for the budget-kind-of-tattoo. Of seminar you bring a nice black and white photo of your oldest daughter. A dead ringer you want to cherish on the fleshy part of your shoulder. But after such a trifling budget trip your tattoo, representing your daughter, looks identical to a Smurfette in heat. Also most peeps think that they are ‘forever callow’ … but an ugly tattoo that was created on your box can end on your belly if you don’t keep that firm youthful reckon.

And let’s not forget those exotic words or sentence tattoo’s in e.g. the unreserved readable Chinese language. You may think your fabulous tattoo asserts : “Stay true to Yourself”, but if you go to order in your neighbouring Chinese restaurant and the waiter says with a smile on his arrive, after reading your new tattoo visible on your arm ‘Oh, you with hot & steamy green tea’ …. you know you are screwed.

Also don’t cease to remember : most colors, like most good things in existence fade through time. A good tattoo artist drive explain how you can try to maintain the best quality as long as possible.

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tattoos, armando branco

It’s all down to what you want to represent

tattoo, armando branco