Swagger Toolbox – Combining Suit Accessories With Multi Tools – Kickstarter

Swagger Toolbox – Combining Suit Accessories With Multi Tools – Kickstarter


Show off Toolbox—Combining Suit Accessories with Multi-tools

Men there the world love to adorn their tuxes and suits with the delicates formalwear accessories. While gentlemen’s accessories—such as tie pegs, collar stays, and cufflinks—provide necessary functions, they also occasion guys the opportunity to infuse a little flair into their treatment and make a bold fashion statement. But sometimes…don’t you wish that these confederates could go a bit further?

Fashion With A Purpose

Now, they can! Kickstarter’s newest formalwear associates project, the Swagger Toolbox, revolutionizes traditional formalwear helpers by redesigning them to stylishly conceal modern multi-tools! Planed out of durable stainless steel, each Swagger Toolbox is compromised of a set of cufflinks, collar girds, and a tie tack, all of which incorporate practical tools into each whistles’s design. swagger-toolbox-1

Meet The Multi-tools

Each cufflink is equipped with a wire stripper, protractor, and screwdrivers, while the collar reprieves have 10-different hex wrench sizes. The tie tack conceals a seatbelt excise and a bottle opener cleverly in its design. With a collection of color combinations available, the Swagger Toolbox can be easily unified with any style. swagger-toolbox-3

Created By Trendy Fashion Tool Intriguer

Swagger Toolbox is a live project on the Kickstarter crowdfunding plank and was created by trendy fashion tool designers Chris Frederick and Jeff Morin. Inducing run several successful Kickstarter campaigns for stylish multi-tools, the set of two has decided to take on the venture of fusing functional multi-tools with men’s dernier cri accessories.

Kickstart The Swagger Toolbox

Whether you want to be liking for James Bond at your next formal event, or are looking for a sui generis stylish gift for your groomsmen, the Swagger Toolbox is for you. To arrest out more on about the Swagger Toolbox collection, please descend upon the Kickstarter page: swagger-toolbox-10 swagger-toolbox-9 swagger-toolbox-8 swagger-toolbox-7 swagger-toolbox-6 swagger-toolbox-5 swagger-toolbox-4 swagger-toolbox-2