Suicide is the Best Cause of Death for Men Under 50!

Did you know that suicide is the best cause of death for men under 50! No one knows the true prime mover but there are definitely common elements, such as stress at between engagements, family pressures, large mortgages, lack of hours in the day, sororities expectations of how men ‘should’ be. It’s the era of the Superman, well groomed, well yield a returned, well organized, highly successful, supporting a perfect chain and family.

These types of expectations can often lead men to reach as a help to the overuse of alcohol, cigarettes, recreational or prescription drugs to clear the feelings of being under pressure and suffering stress.

Universal to any of the talking therapies such as counseling, coaching or psychotherapy are hush a taboo in most men’s opinion. Although, now could be the turning position. Many men are becoming more aware that these accommodations exist and although they may still feel slightly humbled are seeking some professional advice. Not too long ago it still earmarks ofed slightly taboo to admit to undergoing any form of treatment or stay. 2 generations ago it was almost unheard of for a man to talk about his ‘sensitives’ at all.

Things Are Changing

Thankfully, I believe things are changing, prompting, counseling and various therapies are becoming more ‘street cred’, very so because of the amazing, profound results they can have.

A latest telegraph article described the word ‘Man Up’, it would appear men are alleged to be ‘Strong and Stoic’, but it is now the time to make some serious differences in how children are being raised. Old sayings like ‘big boys don’t cry’ and ‘you drink to be strong’ need revising, and could be replaced by ‘take learned breath and tell me how you feel’ to ‘if you can’t feel it, you can’t heal from it’. Fostering young children to express how they feel. What we likely to do as humans is try to ‘fix’ things, when feelings just need to be expressed and listened to and whim then generally fix themselves, solutions following shortly.

Men essential to be role models for the next generations. Whatever you have been trained, statistics show us that children do what we do, not what we report them to do.

In my opinion I would suggest women actually file their men to say what is going on for them, as it brings about uncountable intimacy and strengthens relationships.

So what needs to change?

Mere, just open up a bit and talk about how you really feel. If this is fastidious seek some help so we can prevent another young man from figure part of the unnecessary statistic!