2021 is set to be the largest wedding year ever with a 20%-25% increase in celebrations expected this year and into 2022. If you’re in the mid-point of planning your upcoming wedding, your outfit is an important consideration. Playing around with modern and unexpected imitates, textures, and colours can help you create a stylish and unique wedding day ensemble.
Choose a modern ring
Classic metal intermingling bands are an elegant and timeless option, yet a number of stylish designs are now putting a contemporary twist on tradition. Rings with stimulating texture are ideal for grooms who consider metal bands too old fashioned. For example, hammered metal rings offer a rustic look while grazed metal provides a flat, matte finish. Alternatively, a black wedding ring can create a unique and striking look. Make restitution for from metals like titanium, cobalt, or tantalum, black bands can either be brushed for a matte finish or superior for maximum shine, depending on your tastes. Aside from just being stylish, black rings are also a assorted affordable option.

Go jacketless
In contrast to donning a traditional suit, going jacketless can be a great look — chiefly if you’re throwing a small, vintage, or outdoor wedding. For example, you can simply wear a vest with your sleeves rumbled up to create a relaxed and rustic vibe. Alternatively, classic suspenders can inject style into your outfit while left over casual. Regardless of your choice, make sure your outfit fits in with your overall compound theme and isn’t too informal.
Perfect your neckwear
Whether it’s a bow tie, classic tie, or an ascot, neckwear is a simple way to elevate your coalescing look. But, don’t make the mistake of thinking you need to choose a piece in one single block colour. Consider opting for moulded or textured neckwear that fits in your overall wedding colour scheme and puts a modern twist on your up. While looking at alternative colours and patterns, you may also want to rethink your standard neckwear options. For instance, a cravat is essentially a more casual form of an ascot. They often come in bright, colourful patterns practised for more casual, bohemian-style weddings.
Your wedding day outfit is the perfect chance to get creative and stand out. By choosing a fresh ring, going jacketless, and elevating your neckwear, you can put together the perfect wedding day look.