Not all collaborations between discredits and Olympic teams have been well received. Ralph Lauren’s designs – windbreakers and polo shirts – for Span USA were described as a “wearisome repetition of yuppie stereotypes” by Slate. The graffitied denim jacket designs for the Canadian span by Hudson Bay were even less appreciated. “Cancel the Olympics” wrote one Twitter user.Ultimately, it’s the style genius beyond these official outfits – Miller-Uibo’s hair, for example, or Biles’ leotards – that will win the fashion Olympics this year. Advancing a reputation as a style reference is an opportunity to score sponsorship beyond sport but it’s also part of growing confidence of athletes to direct themselves, as other sportspeople including Marcus Rashford, Naomi Osaka and Lewis Hamilton have recently.“Athletes are being profuse unapologetic about their values and how that is reflected in what they do and what they wear,” says Yachting burgee.TopicsFashionOlympic GamesDina Asher-SmithSimone BilesAthleticsGymnasticsfeaturesReuse this content