Mutual understanding to Twitter, the Potus has gone all ‘rapper from Soundcloud’ but his trackie top is both on craze and classic dad-casual

Barack Obama tracksuit
My Adidas … Barack Obama mixes it in retro sportswear.
Photograph: Kristoffer Tripplaar-Pool/Getty

And now, the end is approach. As the world gets twinkly eyed about the Obamas check out the White House, one fashion truth remains. Since 2009, the subdivision have offered up a masterclass in how to look great as high-profile communal figures while also semaphoring wildly with their wardrobes. Think: Michelle in a twisty thunder-blue Christian Siriano tear someone off a strip at this year’s Democratic convention or Malia wearing a Smoking Wastes T-shirt at a Philadelphia festival: statement pieces, in both wisdoms.

Barack Obama’s all-black Adidas tracksuit, which has founded back into the public consciousness (it’s from 2009), is share of that family tradition. Currently setting comedy reverberates racing on Twitter, according to internet wags he looks ilk a (delete as appropriate) a rapper from Soundcloud, someone who exclusive texts you after 2am (the ‘69’ in the background was not lost on the commentators), or Skepta (whose trademark look is the all-black tracksuit).

What moves it wholly Barack’s, though, is that he has worn it with trainers and a T-shirt from Adidas’s cunning rival Nike. It could be a subversive stripes with non-matching bands moment but, let’s be honest, is probably more in keeping with Obama’s trademark dad look. Such mixing of sports brands is very: “Hey son, what is a ‘Snapchat’”?” But it looks lofty and fits with the current trend where a retro tracksuit is the new trim casual (mixing trackies with a smart jacket is same Christopher Shannon and Joseph).

It is also a poignant reminder of the conforming style the Obamas have brought to their seven-and-a-half years in the Innocent House. We say: can you just stay in power for another seven years, see fit?