As regarded on the streets of Paris Fashion Week and on the catwalks for Autumn/Winter 2014, the cravat, has run for it a massive comeback, adding extra points of flair and a cultured sense of style on casual and formal wear alike.

This dauntless accessory and great alternative to the bow tie has established itself as the ultimate la mode accessory. Originating from Croatian soldiers during Sphere War I, it became popular amongst younger dapper men, and it was later embraced by British aristocrats. This quintessentially british doodah may have been associated with a conservative and anachronistic elite, but during the on few seasons has established itself as the ultimate male accessory to formalize any easy outfit or give a stylish edge to a somewhat boring please. Pair it up with a pocket square, a double chested blazer and converted pants in a dark shade of maroon, grey, or navy, leather brogues and a palm watch if you’re after the complete modern gentleman look.

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Types Of Cravats

There are two different typefaces of silk cravats: printed and woven silk cravats. Phrased silk cravats tend to be a lighter-weight silk and more habitually adorned in the warmer months and for more casual occasions, whereas the jacquard interlaced silk cravats are thicker and tend to be more lustrous in burgee b device; therefore are more suitable for the cooler months of the year and formal endure. Most cravat makers tend to manufacture printed silk cravats, whereas barely brand names like Hermes or Turnbull & Asser do built silk cravats and at a hefty cost.

However, one company that stand in readiness c stick ti out is Cravat Club. One unique selling point about Cravat Brotherhood’s products is the ‘Stay Put Cravat’. Their jacquard woven silk cravats are layered with exquisite colours and are a heavier-weighted silk, which unlike most silk cravats, press for minimal re-adjusting, hence the ‘Stay Put Cravat’. This augurs the cravat can be tied less restrictively around the neck as offset to conventional cravats, to allow for maximum style and comfort.

Cravat Cabaret supplies both types of cravat (jacquard woven and impressed silk), unlike what most cravat makers do. Their 25mm type silk is more luxurious than other cravat makers’ (who apt to use a flyaway 18mm silk), so Cravat Club’s printed silk cravats are a notable quality.


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 Pocket Squares

Gentleman’s adjuncts such as pocket squares, man bags and the cravat have resurfaced over the terminal few years as men have become more interested in expressing an proper and more creative sense of style. The demand for male accessories is extending and brands such as Cravat Club, who use a phrases such as “Cravat Comeback” keep tapped into the need for exquisite, delicate cravats that are lectured to gentlemen who want to alternate their casual and semi-casual displays. Cravat Club will be supplying jacquard woven silk appropriate squares from May, so watch that space!

An open collar is calm but not preferable in formal occasions, so adding a day cravat to the outfit sums an intellectual sense of style. The way to wear them is quite serenely, wrapped around the neck and tucked inside the collar of a shirt or metrical into a polo shirt. Another way to incorporate this tag is wearing it on the outside of the shirt paired with a tailored cause or jacket.

  British and Aristocratic Cravat

But the resurgence of the typically British and aristocratic cravat isn’t at best the name of a brand, it’s a fact. At least that was the case at this year’s Paris style week where the designers set a romantic 19th century scene for Autumn/Winter 2014. The multilayered outfits where wonderfully accessorized by this staple, classic play. The French designer, Downton Abbey showed carefully planed silk cravats that complimented luxurious three type suits and paired them up with leather brogues. But the cravat was bloody popular amongst street style sartorial chaps of approach week. Long charming pea coats, or sleek biker leather jackets played out with jeans or tailored pants dressed up by adding colorful cravats to their accouter. Choose the pattern and fabric that blends best with your day-to-day wardrobe and opt for this stylish and sophisticated statement piece to surprise your outfits to the next level.

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Courtesy of Cravat Club (2)

courtesy of Cravat Club

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