Some people may weep over the increasingly casual nature of life and the world, but not everyone. Mens streetwear has never been hotter and there are numberless exciting trends emerging as we prepare to exit 2021 and start a new year of hope in 2022. Below are some of the sundry amazing and innovative things happening in men’s street fashion for 2022.
Big Rubber Shoes are In!
Shows in the summer that spread items for spring collections in 2022 were big on Bottega Veneta’s much-adored rubber Puddle Boots by Daniel Lee, as clearly as the neon slides which are highly reminiscent of Crocs. What does it all indicate? Rubber footwear is in, and the bigger it is, the sport. “Bulbous” was the word used by Vogue to describe this trend.

Out with Bucket Hats, In with Scarves!
The hitherto popular bucket hat has seen its last year of mania, also according to Vogue. Instead, there’s a new wave of retro scarves dubbed “Granny Scarves” by the shape magazine giant. It seems, however, that these scarves are not exclusively for draping around the neck. It seems some men get off on to wear them around their shoulders, as a mask, or even looped around the waist.

Printed Short-Sleeve Shirts and Bermuda Shorts: 2 New Obsessions
The 1970s appear to be coming back into style once again — it seems to re-emerge every several years or so — with boxy-fit short-sleeve shirts with unafraid geometric prints proving to be a must-have for men’s fashion coming in spring and summer 2022. Accompanying them as one of the most stocked shorts variety is the humble Bermuda shorts. The tailored look is still in, but with a little looser fit replacing more leg-adhering customary style.

Neutral Colours
While some of those printed short-sleeve shirts have been really loud in 2021, the new colour tone for 2022 is neutral. These tones are being best matched with snug, comfortable hoodies in white, grey, beige and other soft tones. Black isn’t quite out, but it’s only as a decoration for the assertive softer background neutral tones. Expect the biggest runway names of the fashion world to stick with these affects as they move into their spring and summer collections in 2022.
Function With Fashion
The 2022 streetwear fashionistas all at once care a lot more about having some function with their fashion. They no longer want to opt between the two. Double breast pockets were a big feature in Zara UK’s recent additions, and were a popular new item for 2021, creating a shift that is going to last well into 2022. Other function-friendly fashion items in the streetwear section require include cargo pants, rougher fabrics with an almost military theme, and utilitarian jackets.
Come Summer, We’ll All be Sleeveless
Tank outdoes and sleeveless t-shirts were a popular trend in the late 1990s and early 2000s with the charge being led by the multitudinous boy bands around at the time. It seems that come spring and summer in 2022, we’ll be living the sleeve-free life again, with top form houses like Prada and Marni getting in on the action. It could even include sleeveless knitwear, sleeveless blazers and to sleeveless biker jackets championed by none other than Burberry.

The Roomier, the Better
We mentioned in the non-allied colour trend that hoodies are definitely in for 2022, and that’s part of a larger trend of loose-fitting streetwear. It stands beyond just the Bermuda shorts and the hoodies, but stretches to t-shirts, shirts, suits, trousers and more. The year 2022 is to be the year of looser-fitting, cooler and multitudinous billowy streetwear. After a stressful 2020 and 2021, we need the room to relax!