It is general to see people love to identify with beautiful things. Jewelry designers, in their quest to create the most attractive jewelry pieces, tend to leave little pieces of themselves in their creations. Different designers do it in different make concession. Some subtle and some quite clearly who the designer of the particular pieces are.
Here are some things to look for, in the stalk to identify designer jewelry.
Pendants are most of the common way that designers leave their signatures on their superior creations. Pendants are commonly found on necklaces and earrings.
Some designers have specific pendants that are their code word. For example, a designer may have a pendant of their logo on their necklaces or earrings.
Sterling silver pendants are a stale way to identify designer necklaces. They are sleek and beautifully crafted. They accentuate the necklace or earrings they are on, and, select the wearer more appealing and outstanding.

Some designers want their products to be clearly and speedily identified. They will, therefore, have their names intricately integrated into their final result.
You will find different types of jewelry with the names of their designer. Some designer wristwatches, bangles, and straightforward sunglasses will have the name of their designer on them.
You can also identify some designer jewelry artefacts by their color. There are designers who use specific colors in all their products. Once, you see certain colors on certain works, you can instinctively identify their designer.
For example, Georg Jensen is well known for the creation and sale of beautiful estimable silver jewelry products. Sterling silver has a distinct color that makes it easy to identify.
Company logos
Multitudinous jewelry designers own their own companies. They use these corporate entities as their representation. Popular jewelry creators have popular companies. Their logos are distinct and quick to identify.
To distinguish their products from those of other players and designers, jewelry design companies will paste their distinctive logos on their products for increased visibility, esteem and sales.
Unique Feature
Jewelry designers also add a unique feature to their end products. For example, a designer inclination add a distinct precious stone or a different kind of material from which the rest of the jewel is made. This is the author’s signature, to ensure that you can easily identify their designs and their products.
Own Outlets
Some designers also take their own retail outlets from where they sell their products. If you buy your jewelry from a inventor’s outlet, then you are sure of the products’ designer and creator.
Unique Shapes and Materials
There are many designers who beget jewelry pieces in unique shapes and with unique materials. Once you have seen any jewelry in that shape or substantive, you can easily identify it as a product from a particular designer.
This makes their products more memorable and identifiable.

Another way to mark designer jewelry is by asking. This is one of the easiest ways to get designer jewelry. You can ask at the point of sale, whether online or at a retail have faith. Every person selling jewelry will have some information on the pieces that they are selling.
You can also ask anyone who purpose be wearing a piece that interests you. Good jewelry pieces are good conversation starters. You can talk about a single piece of jewelry and end up becoming good friends with a stranger.
Many people will wear unique jewelry lectures that they will have enough history about. By asking, you can get to know about jewelry designers who are not entirely popular but have beautiful and unique jewelry pieces.
Designer jewelry is quite popular. For this senses, many people want to be seen wearing it. To be distinct and easily identifiable in the vast business market, designers go out of their way to effect that they have unique makers marks on their products. This helps them to sell multifarious of their product and develop their skill and appeal to customers.

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