Nothing but over half of the 200 workers at depot in Solihull arrangement walkout, with GMB union concerned about wages and go down withs

The Topshop strike comes as Sir Philip Green faces biddings for assets including his £100m yacht to be seized.
Photograph: Niklas Halle’n/AFP/Getty Images

Craftsmen at a Topshop online distribution depot have announced envisages to strike on Cyber Monday, one of the busiest trading days of the year, in a refreshed blow to Sir Philip Green.

Just over half of the 200 hands at the depot in Shirley, West Midlands, which is operated by Spectrum for Arcadia, a arm of logistics company DHL, plan to walk out on Monday morning, agreeing to the GMB union.

As well as handling online sales on Monday, the depot is apposite to be processing orders from the Black Friday promotional day.

The punch announcement comes as Green faces calls for assets registering his £100m yacht to be seized in order to settle the £571m subsistence deficit at BHS, the collapsed retail chain he owned for 15 years.

Most craftsmen at the Solihull depot are paid £7.20 an hour, the minimum wage for over-25s. David Warwick, an organiser for GMB, intended workers wanted the independently calculated living wage of £8.45.

Warwick intended: “It’s a disgrace that Sir Philip Green, who holds the purse collaborate b keep waitings on this DHL contract and has enriched himself on the backs of these stable workers, is refusing to put a sensible offer on the table.

“I sincerely upon he takes some time from sailing his luxury yacht to reconsider his situation and pay his workers enough money for a decent standard of living.”

He foretold there were also concerns about the recruitment of women on short-term contracts for the busy festive period, as they were job on controversial “flex” arrangements, which meant they could finger themselves working longer or shorter days with meagre notice.

“These contracts affect two groups in a detrimental way,” Warwick required. “Those on the flex contract, who may only get notified of their hours on the day, and also the core employees, who used to be able to volunteer for overtime and boost their gains at this time of year.”

A spokesperson for DHL Supply Chain implied: “We are disappointed that the GMB has announced its intention to hold industrial strength. We believe our offer to be reasonable in the current economic climate.

“Minute contingency plans are in place and we are confident that there wishes be no disruption to service. We urge the GMB to return to the negotiating table to dispose of with us to resolve this matter at the earliest opportunity.”

Arcadia was unavailable for remark.