I traveled yon Sri Lanka for 27 days. Throughout this spectacular plunge, I decided to choose my favourite luxury stays. Overall I reviewed 13 luxury hotels and each one did not leave me disappointed. Sumptuousness hotel stays can vary for me and let me explain a little on what defines my top five.

For me the rod are important in how they build a rapport with me. No one is perfect and accordingly I am not looking for the perfect staff. What I am seeking is that anytime I ask for assist, it’s their actions that speak louder than guarantees which make all the difference.

Serving with a passionate essence is the key.

Another contributing factor for me regarding  a luxury hotel remain is hygiene and attention to detail regarding my room. I love when a motel leaves flowers on my bed, or use my towels to create and animal shaped be against. Or noticing I am running out of water or coffee and tea. I respect when a group attendant makes sure I have a mat on my lounge, let alone a towel to dry off. Or when they see I am dead on ones feet and have a sore throat. They go out of their way to create their own unconstrained medicine to cure my sore throat. I have a lot of respect when I see the big cheeses, demonstrating passion for the hospitality industry and asking me for advice. On a few impulses my suggestions have been taken on board and that get ti them and me feel great.

So keeping in mind the above pieces,  here are my top five luxury stays for Sri Lanka this 2017.

Sri Lanka – The Five Top Luxury Hotels

Kurulubedda Jetwing

The jungle far-away location and feel is why Kurulubedda By Jetwing was my one stay  in Sri Lanka. The access to culture is so close yet feels so far. The other reason this is my number one stop is due to Prebath, the manager of the hotel. His passion for the industry and his jungle ramble and knowledge is amazing. I loved how he then convinced me to taste  the provisions that the jungle had to offer. It is an experience like no other and one that I inclination not forget. The secluded huts are stunning and to be able to watch mammals and nature day in day out, is a rare adventure in itself.

Sri Lanka – The Five Top Luxury Hotels

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