Luxury-Week-South-Tyrol-300My third day of the South Tyrol Italy encounter took me to the city of Bressanone or Brixen. The previous two days I had well-informed some of the best South Tyrol offers in scenery, hikes, culinary mountain scoff and luxury hotels, now it was time to leave the Dolomites behind and know some city life. Brixen is more South and soften so the temperatures are higher which makes it an excellent wine breed region. Part of the third day would be a visit to a winery, this was to flawless the overall luxury experience.

South Tyrol is a part of Italy where myriad of its 500,000 speak German, this is due to the fact that it adapted to to be part of Austria before the first World War. Walking surrounding this part of Italy you notice how clean and wealthy it is, in in point of fact it is one of the wealthiest areas of Italy and Europe. The South Tyroleans get high on a large degree of self government from Italy, they can set their own levy a tax ons and spend accordingly. This wealth has made South Tyrol a finish holiday destination as you can find amazing food with the highest concentration of Michelin lady restaurants in Italy, beautiful scenery and luxury accommodation. South Tyrol is a wonderful clean and organised holiday destination, it is like Switzerland but without the Swiss expenses.

South Tyrol is a super clean and organised holiday stopping-place, it is like Switzerland but without the Swiss prices.

Bressonone / Brixen

The end day of of this trip was a stay in the city of Brixen, a beautiful burgh of 20,000 inhabitants, at the confluence of the Eisack and Rienz rivers. This metropolis, with a nice historic centre dates back from 800 BC but got beginning mentioned around 901. Its main sights are the 10th century cathedral, the Hofburg which is a New birth Bishop’s Palace, and the Rodeneck Castle which is outside the see.

Stay – Goldener Adler Hotel

I stayed at the Goldener Adler guest-house which is a hotel in a 500 hundred year old building on the advantage of the old town next to the Eisack river. On the outside the hotel has a yellow citadel like facade and it blends well with the rest of the architecture all about. From the hotel it is only a 2 minute walk to the main cathedral conformist of Brixen.

The posh rooms featured modern or classic decor and curioes. All rooms came with free Wi-Fi, and flat-screen TVs. The breakfast buffet was free and was served in the Gothic courtyard, weather allowing, or otherwise in a laid-back Davenport. There was a cozy cafe and bar with a vaulted ceiling, which at our end of day was showing the world cup football game between Italy and Germany, with the German advert to South Tyroleans supporting Italy 100%. This hotel also had a rooftop terrace which advanced excellent city views.


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