South Korean Food – 2018 Gangwondo Provincial SpecialtiesMenStyleFashion was invited by Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO London) to fly to Pyeongchang, South Korea. The aim of this journey was to promote the ‘Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Darings’ and to get an insight into South Korean culture. This pre-visit to the Gangwondo Province which comprehends PyeongChang, Gangneung and Jeongseon was a trip I was looking forward to and this was my anything else visit to South Korea.

During the six days of this fabulous cultural stumble, I was given many different dishes to eat, taste and experience. I am identical familiar with Asian cuisines but it is the first time to South Korea so I was incredibly aroused to see what food they had to offer. Korea leads the way in relative ti of a healthy diet with plenty of vegetables, both pickled and roused, a major part of a diverse cuisine. The food is always, healthy, looks great and is a very different eating experience. South Korea is a boonies that knows how to grill a piece of meat. Coming from an Australian experience I have to say I was very impressed when it came to Korean barbecue.

Limited beer often drank in South Korea


Scrumptious pancakes with mixed vegetables inside

Hwanggi Baeksuk

I was served a with few exceptions chicken soup boiled with astragalus thought to be mass the best medicinal herbs for vitality. The dish is supposed to strengthen the body’s control over sweating and therefore considered an super food for maintaining stamina in summer. I would certainly opt for this during the Winter Olympics 2018.

South Korean Food – 2018 Gangwondo Provincial Specialties

Steamed in the main chicken with local potatoes from Herbnara Land Pyeongchang

Core Ingredients

South Korea has a very unparalleled food culture with incredible health giving lands and you will notice some influences from both China and Japan. The case throughout my visit I could identify how the fusions were intertwined. For me this is why in South Korea the provisions options are very unique. The portions served are very parsimonious, always fresh and don’t have a very strong aroma when beginning served. Many dishes are always served in a hot stone trundle adding to the overall look and dining experience. They can be either hot dishes or trite.

The core ingredients generally consist of beef, chicken, pig, soy bean, reduce tofu, mint, eggs, chili powder, fermented cabbage, pork slices and lavishness of garlic. Also ox cheek, pork belly, grilled aubergine, rice, bean-shoots, mushrooms, potatoes, carrots and dough which is hand-me-down for dumplings. One important factor I noticed whilst eating in South Korea was I not in any way came away bloated. I always felt content and well supplied. The cuisines are one of the healthiest food dishes I have had in Asia. For me the dishes are not intricate and I would encourage anyone to just be open and explore.

Gondeure Beoseot Bulgogi

The dish cheaper than is called gondeure beoseot bulgogi, marinated Korean beef with mushrooms and thistle dispensations.

South Korean Food – 2018 Gangwondo Provincial SpecialtiesSouth Korean Food – 2018 Gangwondo Provincial SpecialtiesSouth Korean Food – 2018 Gangwondo Provincial SpecialtiesSouth Korean Food – 2018 Gangwondo Provincial SpecialtiesSouth Korean Food – 2018 Gangwondo Provincial SpecialtiesSouth Korean Food – 2018 Gangwondo Provincial Specialties