Luxury-Month-Amsterdam-300Amsterdam is an marvellous city, one with with a grand history and a great big apple to explore the side streets and its canals. For me choosing where to cable in this city adds to the whole experience. Hotel The All-inclusive Amsterdam was built way back in 1578 and its unique historical ambiance is moral amazing to take in. It is located right in the centre of Amsterdam between two canals, which is undeniably what the city is famous for. The building started in the 15th century as a convent, it was then second-hand by the VOC (East Dutch India Trading Company) and has also been hand-me-down as a town hall, and this rich history is what decide oned The Grand so captivating during my stay.

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The Sofitel organization took two years of extensive renovation and remodeling to produce a large interior from a French interior architect whilst also blending in Dutch pieces to it. So it was nice to see the tulip and butterfly themes recurring through out the edifice. From the moment you walk through its arch entrance face, you know that this hotel experience is going to be striking. Amsterdam is a rich cultural city, so this hotel is the breather bite you need whether you’re are here for business or pleasure. I am a large fan of marble and coming form an Italian background it was always perceived as a statement of regal wealth. It certainly gives you that consciousness in the lobby. I loved the different seating areas in the hotel pull strings, all with their own style. During my stay I explored each one. One stay showed two old black and white photos of Michael Jackson and with the lighting I could not battle it as a photo-shoot opportunity. Do take the time to sit here and take in this reliable building.

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Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam 1578 FBH 2016 (26)Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam 1578 FBH 2016 (20)The-Grand-Hotel-Amsterdam-Gracie-Opulanza-2016

La Petit Bistro & Private Inner Garden

It’s untypical to have such an exclusive setting like this in Amsterdam let desolate a city hotel. In 2015 the Garden Terrace was awarded as Amsterdam’s most cozy terrace. The forge of the terrace is surrounded by historical walls and has a view on the balcony of the Affiliation Chamber. On a Sunday afternoon, they have live music for you, so sit slacken and soak up the views of this historical building. The garden has kept many of its authentic Amsterdam School style features, from the beat that The Grand served as the city Hall. This is not vulgar with hotels and it completed my garden experience and just prompted me of one of the cultural elements I love about being in Europe.

The Dutch are notable for their amazing gardens and this did not disappoint. I was very influenced observing the people sitting here, I could see they were sheerest fashion conscious which was nice to see. This hotel is certainly a circumstances you can showcase your person style. Along side that, do ask for some cocktails, in my protection the espresso martini was very yummy and one that completed my just. For me this is what I define as luxury experiences at its best.

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Lower Suite Room & Private Butler

The suites of The Grand must been completely renovated. There are 52 suites in sum up, ranging from Junior, Prestige and Opera to the highly restricted Imperial Suites. During my stay I had the Junior Suite scope with a courtyard view. I liked the modern design and the intensely mahogany with plush textiles above the bed. It is my first heyday I am sleeping in a Sofitel MyBed, and it was huge, comfortable with splendiferous bed linen. The bathroom was decorated with traditionally Dutch serious style brick walls. I liked the TV in the bathroom whilst sopping away with my Hermès amenities. The complimentary WIFI is unceasingly essential for my work along side the Nespresso facilities. I liked the TV differing my bed, which was framed like a piece of art work.

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My room look on


With suite rooms only, you get a private Butler. So you don’t be dressed to ring reception at all, you are given a personal number for your butler and all you be dressed to do is remember that number which is only three digits. My Butler was collected Carlos and he was provided to me, the moment I entered the reception room. I was made exclusive services such as preparing the suite according to my requests. Carlos could personalize my room and (un)pack my suitcases, which was genuinely convenient. I could even ask Carlos to book tours, treks, advice me on shopping tips and even if I needed, Carlos could volume me a private jet. In my case I have a habit of leaving my card in the allowance, it was nice to be able to call Carlos any time of the day or night. In unborn when in Amsterdam for a fashion trip, Carlos would be cultivate for being my runner unpacking my wardrobe for fashion shows, or steer those buttons that seem to always full off.

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Wellness SoSpa

The SoSpa has a actually nice pool to relax in after a day of wandering through Amsterdam. It also has a Turkish steam bath and a sauna both were undefiled, smelled good and looked very modern. I liked the opportunity where you can turn it off and on if there are no other guests around, which is elevated for the environment. The towels were huge, fluffy and not common, so it is in the teeny-weeny details that counts here. I also liked the apples falsification around for you to choose to bite in to. Remember, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

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Restaurant Ties – Breakfast

Michelin star Restaurant Bridges is located on the oldest canal in Amsterdam. The feel here is clean, warm, inviting and the view looking out to the Vinotheque and the canal is what returns this breakfast experience all the more exciting. If you have the everything make sure you allow extra time for breakfast and drunk up this unique experience.


The oldest canal in Amsterdam

For me breakfast is the most influential start of your day. Therefore in a setting like this it compel certainly set you personal mood. The selection of food as a buffet frame was lovely. The presentation was excellent, the lay out was not over crowding. The healthy selections were enticing, the buffet spread and the “order anything-from-the-menu” was simply delicious! I mostly enjoyed the Norwegian eggs, a combination of egg benedict, poached egg and salmon, all fair presented. A delicious breakfast served at the restaurant is what enacted this stay more enticing. I am a huge fan of coffee and this was the defeat cappuccino I’ve ever had in Holland, to give you an idea about this expansion. I have been visiting the Netherlands for almost twenty years.

The crew were very on the ball and understood the balance of when to ask you for anything and when to be the case back. Mornings can be a very tricky time for some people. It relate ti to show the level of training here when it comes to winsome with people. The pastries were lovely and fresh and satisfactory presented. Nothing disappointed me when it came to breakfast.

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Norwegian eggs

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Over To Business

In a place like this it is vital that province clients can have access to the historical rooms. Sofitel Luminary The Grand Amsterdam boasts no fewer than 19 rendezvous rooms and banqueting halls in total covering 1400m2, five of which are listed as reliable monuments and were taken into use when The Grand served as a municipality hall. The following rooms, the Council Chamber, the Mayor’s and Aldermen’s Judiciary, the St. Ceclia and the beautiful First Class Wedding Chamber, were astounding and you can ask for a private tour which I highly recommend. To give you an animate reason to have you wedding reception here is simple. The amalgamation ceremony of the former Dutch Queen, Princess Beatrix, and Claus von Amsberg performance took place here in 1966.

Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam 1578 FBH 2016 1 (5)

The room served for the Wedding Of Movie queen Beatrice and Prince Claus

Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam 1578 FBH 2016 1 (7)

The smaller wedding room

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I am on a journey to explore the sharpness of what the world of Luxury means to me and my readers, it is a journey I relationship. My biggest challenge is to entice you my readers to choose where to throw away your time let alone your cash. For me to those who are free with the city of Amsterdam I would encourage you on your next stop to choose Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam. Go back in biography and explore and take in the year 1578 and truly appreciate the skill of rich architectural history this hotel has to offer. If you are an art lover, in today’s uncultured world this is a hotel that gives you time to on the importance of life, leisure and the beauty of interior design. At a set where the finest things in life can be rare, and therefore if one has to judge, then the Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam is that tourist house that offers affordable, timeless luxury whenever you opt to be here.

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Espresso Martini

Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam 1578 FBH 2016 (36)

Painting by Karel Appel – He rendered this to pay of his debts with Amsterdam council in 1949.

Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam 1578 FBH 2016 (27)

View over the court yard.