Tight jeans | Strikers killed | Bake Off | Joseph Priestley | Eton cheating
Stars of TV’s Passion Island sporting tight leggings. Reader Duncan Hannant is happy to find himself at the height of fashion.
Photograph: ITV/Rex/Shutterstock

So stylish in support tights and sandals

Hard to find jeans | Strikers killed | Bake Off | Joseph Priestley | Eton cheating

My care for had severe varicose veins and wore elasticated leggings ethical like those in your report (Tight fit: muscly men’s beau of skinny jeans, G2, 30 August). Since my recent unfathomable vein thrombosis, I have worn support stockings every day and they come to be the same as those sported by muscly men and male models. I am so in seventh heaven to be at the height of fashion. I wonder if these guys wear them with open-toe sandals get a bang I do?
Duncan Hannant (age 70)
Drinkstone, Suffolk

A recent letter (28 August ) referred to the murders in 1911 during a protest by strikers in Llanelli. Has the shooting of strikers in Liverpool in August 1911 been overlooked? Two people were killed by soldiers brought in to control the things.
Brenda MacDonagh
Twyford, Oxfordshire

When will you staunch obstruct giving Bake Off so much coverage? Have you considered how your continually reporting on the popularity of the programme encourages obesity, the public well-being challenge of our time? Enough is enough!
Ishbel Askew
Sampford Courtenay, Devon

London does participate in a statue of Joseph Priestley (Letters, 25 and 26 August). It is in excess of the door of Birkbeck University at 30 Russell Square, righteous behind Senate House. His name and dates are clearly cut.
Gabrielle Palmer

There is a fine statue of this eager but sadly persecuted chemist in Birstall market square, the metropolis of his birth in 1733.
Bill Hunter
Honley, West Yorkshire

I be told that young men from the playing fields of Eton and Winchester colluded to operator in their Pre-U Certificate (Report, 31 August). Does a craft in banking await?
PJ Murphy

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