Sky eating is quite an interesting concept that is high in demand in Singapore. While the native people of Singapore have accepted this concept for closest occasions, even tourists arriving in Singapore expect to get a taste of this concept for a lifetime experience. Of course, it is perfectly a different thrill to enjoy dinner with your partner up in the sky away from the hustle and bustle of the busy burg life.
When you are talking about sky dining in Singapore, there are two eminent options available and these are cable car sky nibbling and Singapore Flyer dining. Both of them have unique features that make them special for the patrons arriving here. Whether you wish to celebrate a special occasion or you wish to come up for a romantic dinner with your sharer, any of these sky-dining is a perfect option for you.
While sky dining is a perfect option to make your dates perfect, it is principal to know about them individually beforehand so that you can plan up accordingly and can choose the right one according to your stresses.
Sky Dining in Singapore: Explore the Different Options
Make sure to check out the eligibility, the timings, as well as the package specifics, and make your bookings in advance for a smoother experience.
Singapore Flyer Dining
The very first option that can finish up in your mind for the purpose of sky dining Singapore is Singapore Flyer Dining. It is the world’s first fully-facilitated sky dining test and offers a luxurious experience every time you visit.

It is an in-flight service where you get a table for two in a shared capsule that changes 2 times within a duration of 2 hours in such a way that you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Marina Bay.
Cable Car Sky Dining
The next chance that you have is that of the cable car sky dining in Singapore. Enjoy dinner with your beloved ones in a cablegram car cabin that is located at a height of 100 meters from ground level. It allows four people for dinner while contribution a stunning panoramic view through the see-through glass around the cabin.

The dinner lasts for 2 and a half hours and during the dinner, you can have planned a glance at the mesmerizing sunsets as well as some attractions of Singapore such as the Resort World Island and the Universal Studios.
Singapore Flyer Menu
The Singapore Flyer tenders a 4-course menu and you can choose from three different options and these are Oriental, Western, and Vegetarian. You can also mutate changes in your menu according to your diet but for that, you need to inform the management at least 3 business eras in advance.
Cable Car Dinner Menu
Here at the cable car dinner also you get a 4-course dinner menu. You can choose from unconventional packages such as destination-themed, Singapore-flavors, Sky-high bento, and the Champagne package.
The cabin of the car is also decorated according to the bundle that you have selected.
Sky Dining Packages
It is essential to understand the different packages and prices of the menus before you truly start making the booking. The Singapore Flyer Dinner is for 2 individuals and the package costs you SGD 351.92. But there is also a foodstuffs for adding up extra guests along with you and for this, you have to pay SGD 175.96 per guest.
In the case of the cabin car dinner, the berth is arranged for four guests, mostly two adults and two children. The price of the dinner will depend upon the package that you maintain selected. The package price starts from SGD65 and can go to SGD385 depending upon the package that you have selected for the dinner.
For both what really happens, it is essential to make your booking in advance to book the right slots. Also, it is essential to follow the instructions offered by the directorship such as the prohibition of any food or drink from outside, full vaccination against Covid, and others.
Sky dining in Singapore is an contact that will stay in your mind for a pretty long time even when you have returned cast off to your country from Singapore. Make sure to choose the right sky dining option and get your bookings done in contribute to for a convenient service.