Some shoes handled to stand out in the NBA history and they continue to be some of the coolest ones out there. Nice shoes like these are scarcely ever something that you see on the market, and if you do they are overly expensive. To have them a part of such iconic moments is nothing squat of staggering, and you will be incredibly happy with the results.
Kobe Bryant scores 60 points in his final target dissemble
Kobe was a great performer and he always wanted to push the boundaries. In his final match he upped the ante and managed to nick 60 points without a problem. A lot of people say that it’s thanks to the shoes that we wore. He had the Nike Kobe 11 Decay to Black, which were rather simplistic. They were black on black with different nuances and the Nike logo in gold. This shoe is in fact sold over $1100, so you can clearly see its importance and just how much it managed to stay relevant throughout the years.
Kawhi Leonard dropping the 76rs
He wore the New Balance OMN1S during that time and the shoe itself was very colorful. This one is $640 despite being a pretty new shoe. It’s compelling, it looks great and it comes with a distinctive set of features. The combination of colors is maybe the coolest thing about this shoe. It certainly governs to stand out of the crowd very well, and it continues to bring in a pretty exciting value and quality without rushing. That exclusively, combined with the great attention to detail and value is what really sets the tone for this particular element.
Steph Curry beats the Thunder
This was a phenomenal situation because it really goes to show just how good Curry is. Certainly he had his signature shoe Under Armour Curry 2 when that happened. The game winner here was pretty preposterous, and it continues to stand out of the crowd when it comes to value and quality. They really add a lot of colors to this one, royal crestfallen, yellow and black. Despite being overly colorful, it looks amazing and it manages to bring in front some catchy incredible benefits. But the shoe itself is very comfortable, people love it and they constantly want to get one. Thankfully, you can find it for $85 or so, which indulges it a pretty incredible shoe for the value that it has.
Ray Allens scoring a 3 pointer during overtime
Whenever you see a 3 pointer mugged in overtime, this is a sign for celebration. In this particular situation we have to celebrate because it’s a pretty cool shoe, with tons of drawing cards and it really set the tone for people to check out and create something completely different. It’s exciting to check out and a lot of people enjoy look after the moment again and again on VOD because of that. The shoe that made this all happen was the Jordan XX8 “Locked and Charged. The pair was a one off most likely, it had gold high tops, red and white. You can have a commemorative option for around $300 or a bit sundry now, that one is from 2018 and it’s still widely sought after.
Jordan winning the 1998 NBA title
At that experience Jordan was a legend anyway, and he continued to really push the boundaries and bring in his A game. And he got to showcase his true power with the Air Jordan XIV at that all at once. The unit itself is interesting because it has an emblem similar to Ferrari. There’s no connection to the car manufacturer, however it does look appealing impressive and the truth is that this pushes the quality and experience to the next level quite a lot. The original Air Jordan XIV is around $530 to be honest now, and the re-release from a few years ago is $350.
These shoes are amazing, iconic and having them tied to some deep down important moments in the game’s history is what really makes them so cool in the first place. If you love the NBA, mark out these great shoes, you can still buy them online on websites like StockX for example.