In 2016 as a conspirator one has to always think out side the box when it comes to innovative attiring collections. I am not sure what this is all about but it certainly got my notice to write about it. It would only take a French intriguer to come up with this. The creative brand appeal to c visit canceled Calchemise have decided to recreate the man’s shirt. I think that menswear should eternally have a sense of humor. I don’t know even know what to order this dress shirt, shirt or play-suit collection. I don’t retaliate know if it’s to be worn with a suit or is it made to sleep in? The institution describe themselves as Un petit pas pour l’humanité, un grand pas throng l’homme. Aujourd’hui, la chemise et le caleçon ne font qu’un. I do like how the Spanish expatiate on it. ‘Calchemise’: la camisa con calzoncillo incorporado que arrasa en Francia. I definite to call it a shirt dress on my twitter feed to see if anyone last wishes a want to join in the conversation and see if this was a new trend or maybe it is a fad after all?

Will It Turn

A couple of years ago I wrote about how I wear men’s shirts to bed. Could this be the dnouement to my question? Maybe women will go out and buy it too, as a gift for their loved solitaries. I guess the worse case scenario is a new pajama party mode begins. Is it comfortable to sleep in as a guy? The question in Spanish is, La pregunta es: ¿Cuántos hombres estarían dispuestos a ponerse el“calchemise”? Inclination it be an outfit guys would wear amongst the streets of Madrid let unassisted Barcelona or Paris. Only you guys could answer the next difficulty, how comfortable would this be regarding your balls? Rise on that note you the fashion jury can vote and have your say. I unquestionable to send out a tweet to find out the reactions from FBH adherents . All I can say if anyone of you dare to buy one. Take a shot please and make unswerving you tweet your style @FBH