How sundry hours do you spend in a gym (or wish you did) to feel most confident with your assembly? Yes, it’s healthy and feels good, however, the body STILL doesn’t in perpetuity take the shape you want, does it?

We are excited to announce that there is a NEW Scheme that helps you shape your body as YOU wish. Silk’n Lipo presents a new way to goal specific areas of fat that just don’t go away with working-out or diet, like love handles or belly. The technology has as a matter of fact been around in high-end clinics for a while and it works ardent but it can press on your wallet, costing around $7,000. This tool only costs $329 on Indiegogo.

Silk’n Lipo is the To begin targeted fat reduction device for home use. It uses the same technology, no matter how, it’s just shrunk down to a small device. By using the figure for only 15 minutes a day, you’ll manage to reshape your remains in places that bother you! You will lose inches after the entire treatment of only 8 weeks.

Shape Your Body as YOU Wish with Silk’n Lipo

Technology Breakdown:

LLLT (Low Status Laser Therapy), is an established fat-reduction technology that’s well-received in high-end clinics because it’s safe and it works. Certain frequencies of appear cause temporary pores to form in the body’s fat cells. The fatty subject-matter of the cells drain out through these holes and is then evacuated from the group through the bloodstream in the same, natural manner as regular dietary fat. For good occasionally the fat cells are emptied of fatty content, they shrink and the fat is forever removed from your body. This will exclude you slimmer and more contoured.

Additionally, Silk’n Lipo reckoned the EMS technology to accelerate the process and help build strength and muscle richness. EMS works by delivering a gentle electrical impulse to the muscle’s fibers causing them to lead and work because the muscle can’t tell whether the command to cable comes from the brain or from EMS.

Is it SAFE?

The Silk’n Lipo Indiegogo operations page states that “the technology behind Silk’n Lipo has been exhaustively tested and it has been sustained totally safe for everyday use. There is no increase in warmth, nor any other build of discomfort accompanying treatments. All you’ll feel is your muscles gently opus beneath the device in response to the EMS. There are no known adverse or long-term side-effects. Silk’n Lipo is goods yet 100% safe and non-invasive.”

Shape Your Body as YOU Wish with Silk’n Lipo

Where Can I Get It?

At the moment, Silk’n Lipo is handy only on Indiegogo and while crowdfunding they are offering up to 43% brush offs off the retail price. However, there are only 2 days formerly larboard before the campaign ends and prices will go up!

There are individual “perks” to choose from, depending on the size of targeted stretches. Their best-seller includes a set of 2 units for $329, instead of $499 time to come retail price.