itsamansclassHow do you go regarding marketing pure elegance, fine art, genuine feelings and at no time ending passion. When it comes to presenting through the prism of haute couture for gentlemen. This is my gag, my style and why I choose to wear Sciamat.


Sciamat, an Italian name brand, based in Milan, created by Valentino and Nicola Ricci, triggered the adept evolution of Pitti Uomo. Sciamat completely changed the way brand-new “dandies” used to dress, creating a whole new generation of bloggers, stretches and dressers. I had the honor to meet both of them and wear their handsome bespoke clothes, by virtue of their first retailer in Greece, Bespoke Athens. For me in 2016, it is weighty to be able to understand the art of clothing and how to make it look so effortless when it reviles to my personal style. Valentino and Nicola Ricci deeply deference and adore handmade, therefore they are dedicated to bespoke convert, which is unique. They create gracious and majestic, yet artistic, boheme and finished jackets with high collar, wide lapel, confident breast and delicate waist. Sciamat’s main aim is liberation washing ones hands of the freedom of movement. They manage to create beauty without condition. There is no padding, in any of their clothing and upon customer beseech they even completely avoid use of canvas. They give birth to managed to remove all structural elements by the use of innovative cut and by forming, breaking and shaping the fabric. The result is a super-light, comfortable, yet stylish and swank garment. A natural reflection of their unique creativity. Sciamat - Michail Androulidakis (6)

My Configuration Tips

For me it is important to choose clothes that represent me. I determined the following. A single breasted jacket with curved lapel, facsimile breasted vest in pied-de-poul pattern and prince –de-galles overcoat, all impelled by an extremely heavy cloth that only Sciamat could regulate to make it feel so light. It important for me to be comfortable but look advantageous at the same time. They created a gorgeous drape and it was outstanding for me to team it with a tie & shirt, once again understanding these are all handmade by Bespoke Athens. Yes, of routine it makes a difference in appearance but also in my personal confidence. The attractive handmade shoes by Ioannis Karagiorgos, felt amazing and I could range about in in them all day long. Finally, it is an accessory I want to trend this year and it buckles it an added touch to who I am. Yes I am talking about the gorgeous cane by Swaine Adeney Brigg. Sciamat - Michail Androulidakis (3)Sciamat - Michail Androulidakis (2)

The Look

Segregate breasted jacket with curved lapel, double hearted vest in pied-de-poul pattern and prince –de-galles overcoat, all set right by an extremely heavy cloth that only Sciamat could survive to make it feel so light, while creating a gorgeous decorate. Tie & shirt are handmade by Bespoke Athens and the exquisite handmade shoes by Ioannis Karagiorgos. Spectacular cane by Swaine Adeney Brigg.