Amongst those in the distinguish, Sandrine Philippe is considered to be one of the best menswear designers in Paris, consideration not yet being a household name. The autumn/winter 16-17 menswear gathering for her namesake label, the house of Sandrine Philippe intends to say ´goodbye to the hereditary obsolescence of modern society, farewell to technology and au revoir to the numerical dictation of individual.´ Both the collection and it´s descriptions were compelling in their constituents.

The French designer opted for a hypothetical presentation of her collection. The connection of a deep dark performance space which was enveloped in settle deeper darker music set the scene for a post-dystopian affray. The manful delineation of Sandrine Philippe Paris is an escape, one which lead ons its wearer to let go of this overpopulated megalopolis in order to return to their prototypical being, free from the constraints of technology and citations of the up to date world.

Sandrine Philippe Paris Fashion Week 2016 (2)

Sandrine Philippe – Post Dystopian Affray

Bruised and bad models, who fought valiantly against the terrene, were the advocates in her latest dystopian collection which was spread over a overlapped heigh warehouse and mezzanine somewhere in a downtown Paris suburb. In the fissure scene, the performance lights dimmed then faded into aphotic unimportance as a heavy haze of smoke set the scene. Next, a ´survivor´ emerged from an strange type egg to perform a series of highly fluid yet staccato workings in time to the foreboding music, taunting us to say goodbye to the world we certain today and step back into the world that got before and will come after us.

This new Sandrine Philippe man is independent of all his contemporary commitments in this overzealous and chaotic world. Reborn, he no fancier loathes his derivation but stands steadfast and vigilant in the comfort and aegis of his new identity – Charles Daniel McDonald


Charles Daniel McDonald

Sandrine Philippe – Fine Detailing

The capable fused lineations overcame the shows background. Philippe´s passion and talent for adapting leather into uninformed about textures was unquestionable. This salience to her craft was apparent as surplus the collections range of coats, jackets and tank-tops, most of which were befittingly teamed with slim leather trousers sporting disciplined and sudden cuts. Pairing diligently beside these were free fit brushed leather trenches and knit blazers, co-ordinating joggers and pale hostility shredded shirts which flowed through the every so often macabre atmosphere like a vicarious war flag. Detail was the keyword of this garnering with a visual extravaganza hiding within every garment. From perplexing leather strapping to an exceptional woollen coat with Ostrich plume in graduated tints, these were just some of the details that rose out in meriting closer inspection.

Her current offering could be paint as clouded and enigmatic, but it is this spirit of the unidentified that clear outs this collection so captivating and engraves the future legacy of Philippe as both a expert narrator and designer urging us to accept a darker side of the hang up apocalyptical male aesthetic that was abnormally caliginous but exceptionally excellent.

Sandrine Philippe Paris Fashion Week 2016 (1)