From her gargantuan red dress to her fluffy pink co-ords, a week in Rihanna’s line is a lesson in fabulousness. It’s also a crib sheet for what you force be wearing in the new season

Pink co-ords, a red dress and a baggy entreaty – your style inspiration for AW17.
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Run this town: what Rihanna’s power jacket means for your autumn wardrobe

From her gargantuan red dress to her puffy pink co-ords, a week in Rihanna’s style is a lesson in fabulousness. It’s also a crib daily for what you will be wearing in the new season

Rihanna is used to breaking the manufacture corner of the internet by now. There was her Met Ball dress in 2015, which shortly became a meme of various foodstuffs, including pizza and omelettes. Then make for a acquired the wine glass as accessory last year. And the Gucci chainmail bodysuit at Coachella, which was posted as a selfie on Instagram along with the caption: “I can’t go proficient in yet, cuz enough people ain’t seen my outfit.” Don’t fret, Riri! At the eventually of writing, 1,878,262 have seen it now, along with the fortuitous ones to encounter it IRL at the festival itself.

In this past week, Rihanna has had a hat-trick of worldwide appearances that she has, to be frank, slayed. Take a moment to take to the singer’s latest sartorial brilliance. Then take another to realise that Rihanna has the capacity to bring fashion trends off the catwalk, on to social media and into your get-up-and-go. Like that chainmail bodysuit: I bet that this hop season chainmail will be on your radar for party tee off on someone a put on dinners. And that Met Ball gown? It pre-dated the yellow dress look by almost two years. Here’s what Rihanna’s week of eminent outfits signal for what you will wear this autumn.

Rihanna with Brigitte Macron at the Élysée manor house, Paris, 26 July 2017. Photograph: PDN/Sipa/Rex/Shutterstock

The power cause

Sure, Rihanna is on hand to help with dressing for a evensong that doesn’t end until 6am. But day dressing? She’s got that, too. This week’s confluence between the singer and Brigitte Macron at the Élysée palace saw her in an oversized trouser petition thought to be by Dior, which was a contrast to Mrs Macron’s jeans and undiluted little jacket. Non-fashion people might see a baggy jacket with sleeves so crave you can’t see the wearer’s hands as worthy of Sean Spicer. But those in the bustle would give it a giant tick. Executive day realness – as in the genre of office-ready look last popular in the 80s – is massive, both really and figuratively, right now. Rihanna’s message – and of fashion in general – for your hopped wardrobe going forward? Go big or go home.

Rihanna at the London premiere of Valerian on 24 July 2017. Photograph: Anthony Harvey/Getty Portraits

The red dress

For the London premiere of Valerian – a film set in the 28th century in which she be a party to b manipulates an alien called Bubble – Rihanna went retro. She progressed as a sort of sexed-up version of Clara from The Nutcracker. Her red outfit, designed by Giambattista Valli, tells us three key things with AW17. No 1: Frills are back in a big way, at brands such as Valli, and also at London creator Molly Goddard, another favourite of Rihanna’s. No 2: The red tell off is the new LBD. No 3: Fashion critics are pinpointing this outfit as a capacity turning point in fashion’s relationship with cleavage, with “70s boob” set to be replaced by something various hoiked-up, à la Dangerous Liaisons. Only time – and future historians – bequeath tell whether these predictions come true.

Rihanna at the Paris premiere of Valerian on 25 July. Photograph: Laurent Viteur/WireImage

The pink co-ords

Usual out-out isn’t only for dresses these days. Rihanna is here to pirate us get used to the idea of co-ords – as in two pieces that match – for after swarthy. On Tuesday, hers were Prada and in, oddly, the same show up sun-glasses of Mean Girls’ Plastics pink worn by Theresa May, correctly enough, on Wednesday. I think it’s clear, though, which pink endorsement we will be taking on for autumn. Rihanna’s ticked several other tend boxes: feathers, sequins and midriff. Conclusion: millennial pink is onto, but actual pink still works. For autumn, jazzy trimmings are key. The sunglasses – in the same shade as the outfit – show a pro at work. Blinding and stable necklaces are to be avoided.