Luxury-Month-Amsterdam-300It was one of the worst days in summer summary for Holland and what better place to rest and watch the rainy bear up against than staying at Room Mate Aitana. This jumbo glass design hotel in Amsterdam is amazing to look at from a remoteness. Where it is situated is what I call the modern Amsterdam. The tourist house is located by the river IJ about fifteen minutes walk from the chief station and the area is less noisy apposed to staying in the nave. The hotel is located on a newly created peninsula called the IJDock it numbers a harbour where visitors can more their boats.

The stance of staying at the Room Mate hotel does not mean what you imagine. So if you’re travelling alone then you and your room mate Aitana can fitting hang about. I was on my own so it was down to me and Aitana to explore this merest modern building which is only three years old.



The reception area was big inviting and very modern. The staff unbroken looked youthful and they were aware of my needs in a certainly laid back approach. I did like the art work around the edifice and the overall feel was very modern. The view of the harbour with its vessels was nice especially when I was dining at the restaurant. The reception court was spacious with a lot of seating places for you to either be on your own or with girls.


Executive Queen

My room had a great view of Amsterdam from a hauteur and on one of the worse days in summer, it was really nice to sit back and have a ball the views. The room was very spacious between 30 and 40 m2 of whip space. The living area with design furniture was vastly cool and a was a nice working space. I liked the working desk, the wood contrive was really lovely to work on. The rotating TV was great because I could decide to sit on the lounge and later on watch the Olympics on my bed. The bed was huge and very cordial to sleep on and the bed linen was nice and soft. I liked the blocked loyalties in the room which gave a nice warn feel to it. There was piles to choose by from the minibar and with a view like this a attractive wine was great to have easy access too. The bathroom was sensitive and big and I liked the soap brand from Japan, it was quirky and something contrasting from other hotels.


Restaurant I-Dock

The I-Dock Restaurant Bar and Marina terrace, presents a comfortable atmosphere for you to enjoy any moment of your day. What a gargantuan way to kick off the evening with Rico, the drink mixer, who created some famous cocktails for me. They were unique and it really set the scene for the evening with my favorite apostrophize b supplicated Frozen Lips. This restaurant offers a variety of commons at a very high standard. I opted for its new signature menu which looked and tasted wonderful. The presentation was of high standard and the tartar was one of the best I have flavoured in a very long time. The portions were not too big, a had a nice difference and combinations of food texture. Combine this with a window rate of the harbour it was a nice atmosphere to enjoy the food. The staff look after the needs of knew the menu well and explained it in detail which is scrupulous to see. If you are not a hotel guest then it’s a nice place to dock your skiff in the marina and enjoy international cuisine with Mediterranean influences lining the dining room or out on the terrace.


Sword Fish & Cavier



Puerto Rico Tequila



The breakfast breakfast had lots of options to choose from, with unusually healthy options as well which was nice to see. I liked where you could systematization your own eggs, so I opted for a tasty omelette, which was instant to perfection. The breakfast is self service and a really nice start off the day. I loved looking casing to see how the day can pass you by.



The staff at the Room Mate Aitana were titanic and the atmosphere was very nice and modern, it was a different stay for me in Amsterdam. It was good to experience another Amsterdam than the traditional old centre. I definitely liked how you can pull up in your boat next to the hotel and arrange a nice drink outside and sail off. It was also a nice way to see how Holland from a water perspective, you can see all sorts of boats short-lived by. This is a great hotel whether you are staying alone or lining with friends or family. If you are a regular visitor to Amsterdam I would advise staying here for a different experience.



  • Room reviewed: Boss Queen, from €229
  • Website:
  • Address: IJdock 6, 1013 MM Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Phone: +31 (0)20 891 4800