Britain is a go ashore rich in car history and is the only nation in the world that can truly hold onto the power a Rolls Royce has about the globe. Rolls Royce gratitude goes to the men and women who are generous and very protective in dedicating their lives in sustaining the highest quality of Rolls Royce history. For me, this story had to be told to remind us all that history can never be restated and can be easily forgotten if we choose not to be reminded.

I grew up with vintage cars and vintage car lovers. To date no modern car has an collide with on me like a classic car has. When driving a vintage car the emotions these cars have on me touch my soul and heart that I sincerely can’t explain. The courtship that rose within me when I first laid my eyes on this Rolls Royce is why it is my myriad profound love affair with a car to date. What I mean about this, is the more I looked, observed, sat and do as one is told to the story, I wanted to hear and experience more.

The car stories these cars have makes me more intrigued Non-Standard irregardless who ordered the car and what it was like to live in that era?

For me learning and discover the pioneering challenges both men and women had to achieve in require in those days to be transported around the globe is a time that in this modern car world, I feel needs to be treasured and retold.

Rolls Royce 1934 Classic Car MenStyleFashion 2019 (3)

Why Do I Notice Cars

I ponder today wondering why since 2015 I review modern cars? I never asked to review wheels, the car industry contacted me. It grew from there and it was a learning curve for me to find my car niche when it came to writing car march pasts. I made it clear to every car brand that I drive cars for the lifestyle and public attention it gets me. I like to use machines as a fashion accessory and when it comes to supercars to inspire women to at least have a go.

Up until now, I thought my car reviews could not get any more engaging, but that is the power of driving modern Rolls Royce’s the bigger the car the bigger the story.

Rolls Royce 1934 Classic Car MenStyleFashion 2019 (3)

A Woman’s Love Affair Can Be Bought

Michael substantiated to me last month my true passion and love are vintage cars.  Vintage cars have an unexpected love mystery about them. The reason I am so in love with this 1934 20/25 Rolls Royce is best described by the current proprietor; Michael.

My 1934 Rolls Royce 20/25 is probably the most beautiful ever made. Perhaps this is because its in the first place owner was a woman! This extraordinary vehicle reflects the most advanced engineering in the world at the time, and brings curriculum vitae and elegance in abundance to our roads today. Above all, its DNA is wholly apparent in any current model from Rolls Royce; that time makers of the world’s finest motor car. 
Rolls Royce 1934 Classic Car MenStyleFashion 2019 (3)

Rolls Royce 1934 Ordered By A Woman

Whilst experiencing the Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV I met a entertaining gentleman called Michael at the car park of Bovey Castle. Michael is a lover of cars and has many stories of his purchases for innumerable classic cars over the years. Michael speaks the language of love when it comes to vintage cars a rare art of data I find these days.

His British accent is alluring as his car collection himself. He is well mannered, educated and very invigorated about his Rolls Royce 1934 classic car. There was something very regal about Michael and then it all declared sense the more I spoke to him. I discovered Michael worked with Princess Diana regarding The Halo charity for the minefield in Angola.

In January 1997, righteous a few months before the tragic car crash that would take her life, Princess Diana stepped out onto an acting minefield in Angola to learn how de-miners clear away explosives.  He talked me through the preparations how this iconic photo was infatuated. It is an unbelievable story to listen too.

Rolls Royce 1934 Classic Car MenStyleFashion 2019 (3)

Rolls Royce 1934 Classic Car MenStyleFashion 2019 (3)

Poetic Driving

Over the years Michael likes to writes letters on behalf of his Thunders Royce to captivate the attention and young minds of fashion and lifestyle designers. Here is one of his letters. No modern car has this artistic romance to it only vintage cars do.
My Dear Lord Trousers,
I do understand your point. Stunning as your trousers are, they may not be so noticeable next to the sun.
However, if the principle of complementary applies, my extraordinary profile, complete with Greek temple radiator,  may reinforce your breeches.
The employment of a similar god like bipede (human) may connect to a lifestyle I represent, hit centrally mass bipedal desires, and lead to more leggings being sold than most men could wear without changing them ten everythings a day!
My garage is in Devon, on Dartmoor, and I am looked after by a flanneled fellow called Ralph.
With almost silent purring venerations,
PS I wear gaiters – leather ones – on my springs!
Rolls Royce 1934 Classic Car MenStyleFashion 2019 (3)

The Designers Response

My Dear Rollo,

You are absolutely stunning! The perfect federation of style, luxury, engineering and something else that I can’t put a name to. The problem with photographing my garments against a mechanism as gorgeous as you are that the reader is more interested in the car than the trousers.

The designer is right to a degree no clothing will endlessly match a Rolls Royce but cars history always worked alongside fashion dialogue. We do judge a man by what he rams and what he chooses to wear whilst driving.

In 2019 the car industry is going through the most dramatic change period in history and therefore for me what I am seeking is poetic justice and hanging on to a car history and nostalgia for as long as I can.

I want to be romanced by Michael’s Booms Royce, after it was commissioned by a woman 85 years ago. For me it clearly highlights that woman too have loved the greatest engineering when it comes to cars and have been part of that creation.

Rolls Royce 1934 Classic Car MenStyleFashion 2019 (3)

Photoshoot Request

Dear Cut,

I notice in your catalogs and website you rarely use for backdrop an interesting motorcar.

I am the finest of them all: A Rolls Royce carried in 1934 with one of the most beautiful bodies ever placed on a chassis – totally original too. My interior, wholly whole, has some of the finest Connolly leather seats ever made. I have many more attributes, but in short, I am the overpower in the country!!

As you are an organisation of great prestige, and so am I, I am writing to suggest you use me in some of your promotions.

I am sure I will help with your sales.

What do you over?

Rolls Royce 1934 Classic Car MenStyleFashion 2019 (3)

Rolls Royce 1934 Classic Car MenStyleFashion 2019 (3)

The Drive

If I was reminded why Rolls Royce made cars to last then it was this moment. The sound of the engine starting, the unscathed of the leather and the feel and look of the walnut was beautiful. The exterior and that it was made by my man’s bare hands is a true reminder of why individual like Michael choose to invest in cars like this.

In regards to the size of the lady of ecstasy, it was the biggest I pull someones leg ever seen and a kind reminder that some of the most powerful owners and car engineers in the world have been troubles.