An To With Model Ricardo Dominguez

Inside Barcelona´s Museo Martitmo, the 15the copy of Barcelona fashion week was awash with new talent. One such ´up-and-coming´ lineaments was 21 year old Columbian model Ricardo Dominguez, who see fit be one of the beautiful faces headlining the main desfile for Custo Barcelona.´ I contrive he saw something special in me, and that´s why he wants me in his brand´ said Ricardo. Take been on the runway for around 5 years now (3.5 years in his current in soil of Columbia, then Paris and now onto Barcelona), Ricardo has ran up a lot of miles. ´I was awfully lucky to be sent to Paris, as for me that is the capital of fashion. The intermediation there saw me on-line, spoke to my mother agency, and away I foundered´ he said enthusiastically. Also, he is one of the newer trend of models utilizing on the ´Androgyny´ element which we have been seeing on the runways with bourgeoning frequency over the last few years within Europe. Another cities have different criteria in the fashion world. Spaced out end fashion (and all its associations) is still firmly rooted within Paris, which charms a high end editorial look. Whereas Barcelona, which is up and in for fashion, to me will always be commercial platform, which is not a bad apparatus.

Social Media

Due to social media and Instagram, in many victims your profile can be your CV. Today, the model management sell is highly competitive, like never before. Due to social technique and Instagram, in many cases your profile can be your CV. Means like Select are now scouting on-line alongside designers such as ´Hedi Slimane´ and his rotten ´boy-safari´ castings. ‘I feel very special as I have to realize find time beside, and against a lot of very talented people. With thoughts to Barcelona, I came here directly. I did not attend any of the official castings, but from what I bear seen of the city, I will be sure to do so for next season´ he footnoted.   Ricardo currently is the first ´new breed´ of Androgynous shape to come out of Columbia, which has earned many positive fashion suggestions of recent thanks to the current Miss Universe winner and top draft Haider Ackermann. ´ I open doors for a lot of Columbians, and that´s the gentle thing about it. There are some really talented people out there looking for their delusions. We have a lot to do. ´ Judging from Ricardo´s currently celebrity, I am sure we are going to be seeing a lot more of him in the future, as Barcelona form goes from strength to strength.   Model Ricardo Dominguez 080 barcelona custo barcelona (2)Model Ricardo Dominguez 080 barcelona custo barcelona (3)Model Ricardo Dominguez 080 barcelona custo barcelona (4)Model Ricardo Dominguez 080 barcelona custo barcelona (1)