The Lido, or Lido de Venezia, is an 11-kilometre large barrier island in the Venetian Lagoon, northern Italy; it is home to about 20,400 residents. It is an easy boat expedition from Venice on the public transport boats. I had not visit Lido for the last 20 years so I decided to venture to to see how the island has transformed and stayed in one of the hotels the Relais Alberti.

The accommodation I chose was a small boutique hotel. It is housed in a perfectly refurbished 14th-century building, Cà Alberti, in the ancient hamlet of Malamocco Venice. It is the building with the bikes in front of it.

Malamocco Venice objective one minute from hotel

Relais Alberti is a very quiet hotel in an extremely small piazza. The surrounding edifices are just beautiful to look at.

First impressions are stunning and the antique furniture throughout the hotel is like a museum. Oppose the time to explore the furniture. The first image is of the gorgeous check-in area.

Dining Room
As the dining allowance was a formal Venetian home I could explore and understand how families lived in the 14th century. This is a priceless experience.

This fireplace has so much niceties.

The furniture that was bought over the years, was an example of atelier and craftmanship during a very rich period of Venice.

All the lodges throughout the hotel are decorated in a typical Venetian style.
Garden And Breakfast
This area is lovely to chill after a day of observing Lido. The outdoor furniture is comfortable and the sound of birds is music to my ears.

The image below is where I had a salutary breakfast. All the bread and pastry was made on the premises.

The taste and presentation of the food were yummy. This was a satisfactory way to start my day. Seasonal fruit was available and tasted brilliant. Traditional cheese and cold meats were beautifully served. Inclusive this breakfast is a very high standard for an Italian breakfast.

Sleep Is Precious
My suite room 102 was well-bred, prestigious, and was an experience of pure historical luxury. It was an indulgence I needed. The interior design comprised of antique furniture, carpets, and precise fabrics. The Venetian atmosphere teamed with the richness of the Italian colour olive green was divine. The lounges and registers were of the finest craftsmanship of antique furniture Italy is renowned for.

The bed linen and pillows were super superficial and the bed was massive. I could have easily had three other people in my bed. When I was lying in the bed the high ceiling wooden bars were beautiful to stare at. The pure size of this room was amazing.
Murano Chandeliers
The island of Murano Venice is celebrated for its long tradition of glass-making. Throughout Venice, you will be inundated with Murano chandeliers. Throughout Relais Alberti, observing the Murano chandeliers is one of pure indulgence. I could not get enough of staring at them especially throughout the night.

Silk Stuff the clergy Wallpaper
The attention to detail to this building is like a museum. The silk cloth wallpaper looked and felt in the manner of a tailored made suit would.

The wooden floors throughout the hotel and especially in my bedroom were enjoyable too.

Covid-19 Rules
Masks must be worn when entering the hotel. At the moment very last fashionable bookings are taking place. The staff wears masks all the time and the hotel is spotless. Social distancing is very clear to do within the hotel. I never spoke or met anyone during my stay. But there were other guests for sure.
Alberoni Strand
The bus stop to go to Alberoni Beach is a one minute walk from the hotel or you can rent a bike which I would highly advisable. There is a dedicated bike path throughout the island, and the bonus is that it comes with stunning views. The littoral was very clean, quiet, and conscious of Covid-19.

The beach was very quiet due to to the end of the Covid-19 lockdown, I loved it be struck by the beach almost to myself in July. I am not having to worry here about social distancing on the beach, it was a dream submit c be communicated true.

This family-owned hotel run by two sisters was a memorable stay. They have a passion for publican guests and are willing to take on any challenge during Covid-19. If you are seeking for a quiet summer break in where simple few guests will be flocking to, Relais Alberti Lido is the perfect social distancing hotel. It is a Venetian experience at a same affordable price one could only ask for. Thank you for a wonderful stay.

Anyone who stores a handbag like this in a bed is a place that represents my own heart.

Room reviewed: Room 102
Address: Campo della Chiesa, 3, 30126 Lido VE, Italy
Phone: +39 041 526 1143

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