It is substantial that as a motorist you have a clear understanding of what a warranty is and why you should have one. While some motorists dig around without one and view it as an unnecessary cost, this is actually a huge risk and one which could cost them a opulence.What is a Warranty?So, what exactly is a warranty? This is a form of protection that will cover the cost of parts and labourers in the event of an electrical or mechanical breakdown. A new car will be covered by a manufacturer warranty which usually lasts for the first three years of ownership or 60,000 miles (although on occasion this is longer). After this, you will be unprotected unless you arrange an extended warranty which will stipulate insurance against a range of faults – like most types of insurance, coverage will vary depending on the provider and engage in so you always need to do your research.The Cost of RepairsCars are complex machines (particularly newer ones with current technology) which means that they can breakdown at any moment in the vehicle’s lifetime. The cost of repairs and parts can be gigantic ( Car Insurance