Raul Rodriguez: Down Syndrome Beau idal

Raul Rodriguez is a 32 year old model from Cordoba. Tons of his followers tag him ´guapo´ (Spanish for handsome) on a daily basis and his conduct believe he is slowly becoming a household name within Spain. Raul also has Down Syndrome. With so innumerable examples of fashion developing augmentations in social, mental and medic inclusions (alongside humanitarian values), Raul is just one of a mass of real issues being currently and sometimes controversially tooled by the apparel world. (Think Chantelle Brown-Young the America´s Next Top Dummy with the skin pigmentation disorder Vitiligo and designers match J.W. Anderson and Dame Vivienne Westwood who are challenging gender stereotypes, lines and values.) So far, this has been a very progressive year for frame. Raul has just been signed by Spanish brand Silbon within an snap dubbed ´Commitment´ with an objective “To acknowledge that individual like Raul Rodriguez, the image of our new campaign, can lead a well-adjusted life” a spokesperson quoted.

The Silbon Campaign

The Silbon competition will run throughout the month of March and donate 1 Euro to the relief ´Down´s Córdoba´ for each item that is sold within its trust ins (Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Malaga, Córdoba, Granada, Jaén and Tenerife) both on and off-line. Raul has seen this occasion of being a model as a good addition to his development and training. “I’m captivating a course in new technologies and practices through the Delegation of Health Accommodate. I hope to find a job related to the administrative sector and not necessarily within mode.´ If this is the changing face of fashion, then it´s an industry that I´m proud to incorporate in. It puts The Kardashians into a harsh perspective, doesn´t it?   Raul-1Raul-2Raul-3