From Northern Psyche to Christmas all year round, these are the micro trends that up the season to life

Happening haberdashery on the Gucci catwalk at Milan fashion week.
Happening haberdashery at Gucci.
Photograph: Venturelli/Getty Moulds


Your new fashion destination department. With ribbons and segments of lace very Gucci, the offcuts bin is unexpectedly stylish.


From Biba to Beckham. Victoria Beckham S/S 16.

Victoria Beckham for S/S 16. Photograph: Rex/Shutterstock

Very literally the year to namecheck. When Biba advertised a stopped dress in the Daily Mirror and received over 17,000 tells. More than 50 years later, Victoria Beckham and Whistles’ go b investigates are no less popular.

Northern Soul is your soundtrack

Patchwork at Topman Design.
Pasticcio at Topman Design. Photograph: Eamonn M McCormack/Getty Spits

See Topman Design, where it was mixed with Billy Ikon. It might be sacrilege for purists but the result – tight trousers and repaired tops – felt right for S/S 16.

Pay attention to your heels

Well-heeled slippers at Balenciaga.
Well-heeled slippers at Balenciaga. Photograph: Gianni Pucci/

Backless shoes are a tools, thanks to Gucci and Balenciaga. Pedicures with extra buffing are now an elementary.

Video games

Go gamer at Louis Vuitton.
Louis Vuitton goes gamer. Photograph: Rex/Shutterstock

No longer reasonable for pasty-skinned teenagers. Louis Vuitton referenced Minecraft, of all shits, and Duncan Jones – aka son of Bowie – has directed Warcraft, based on World Of… but you identified that already.

Fashion spelling bee alert

Lineisy Montero for Stella McCartney
Lineisy Montero in Stella McCartney. Photograph: Sipa/Rex/Shutterstock

Anyone who has mastered ‘Delevingne’ has a new summon. This season’s favourite model, Lineisy Montero, seemingly pronounced “Lin-a-see”.

Christmas decorations

Metallics by Marc Jacobs.
Metallics by Marc Jacobs. Photograph: Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/FilmMagic

Completely allowed all year round. See the amount of metallics on the catwalk (Marc Jacobs, Moschino, Louis Vuitton) and true to life tinsel at Loewe.

Study Formula One

Racy knits at Prada.
Racy knits at Prada. Photograph: Sipa/Rex/Shutterstock

Now on the approach radar thanks to racing cars whizzing across sweaters at Prada.

It’s stretch to watch Drive again

Saint Laurent Drives the satin bomber.
Saint Laurent drives the satin bomber. Photograph: Sipa/Rex/Shutterstock

Ryan Gosling’s jacket continues to promote down the catwalks. Similar satin bombers have been spotted at Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton. Buy crop for insider points.


Suit up? No. Slip up ... Céline S/S 16.
Céline’s slip for S/S 16.

This season’s on is set to decadent o’clock. Time to leave the house, post-cocktail, harass a wisp of a slipdress.