Hani Sidow: examine to see how you can get the most out of your favourite colours.
Photograph: Hani Sidow for the Protector

Pucker shades: how to achieve the perfect stark naked lipstick look

A variety of shades, from chestnut to peachy, can develop as nudes. Here’s how to pick the tones that work with your complexion, profit practical tips to help you blend and define

Finding the accurately shade of nude lipstick can be tricky, especially if you have a deeper complexion. It energy be a case of ignoring the pinks in favour of the browns. So spend a small bit of time understanding the different tones and how they work with your complexion and you should other be able to master the nude lips look.

Here are a few several nudes that I find work well for my skin emphasis (colours shown in the order they are listed below):

Stumble on which tone works for you Photograph: Hani Sidow for the Keeper

E.l.f. Cosmetics Blushing Brown (via Superdrug, £4.50) – a warm brown brighten up with a satin finish, perfect for a really natural look.

Kat Von D Lolita ll (via Debenhams, £17) – a deeper, warm-toned pink with a wonderful matte finish.

Huda Beauty Trendsetter (via Selfridges, £18) – a peachy freshen up with a matte finish that works amazingly with a into brown lip liner.

Buxom Cosmetics Instigator (via Debenhams, £15) – mauve colouring liquid lipstick with a creamy matte finish.

Nip+Fab Marshmallow (via Superdrug, £7.95) – a uninfected liquid lipstick with a pale pink tone, horrific for an ombré look when mixed with a brown lip liner.

MAC Cosmetics Chestnut lip liner (via MAC Cosmetics) – wholesome brown lip liner with a cool tone that is ideal as a match for every nude lipstick.

Once you find out which tenors work for you, play about with the products and experiment to see how you can get the sundry out of each colour. Here is how I do it:

Step one

First, prime your lips. Photograph: Hani Sidow for the Paladin

Priming your lips before applying anything else is required if you want a longer-lasting colour. My favourite is Inglot Cosmetics lip primer (via Inglot, £9), as it moisturises my lips so they notwithstanding feel soft and creamy even with a matte lipstick.

Become involved hurry up two

A deep-brown lip liner works well with nude shades. Photograph: Hani Sidow for the Champion

A step often skipped is applying lip liner. However, a deep-brown lip liner total up ti wonders when paired with any nude shade of lipstick for deeper shell tones, as it creates natural shadows that allow the lip standard to blend into your skin without any harsh arguments. Even for fair or light complexions, a lip liner that is a speck darker will allow the lip colour to blend more effortlessly. I mate the MAC cosmetics lip liner in the Chestnut shade (via Mac Cosmetics, £13), as it is a cool-toned sage brown, giving perfect definition.

Step three

Mix your lipstick outwards from the centre. Photograph: Hani Sidow for the Champion

Complete your look by applying your favourite run rings of nude lipstick in the centre of your lips and blending it out into your lip liner. This require give the illusion of a natural shadow and highlight on your lips that grades to your skin complexion a lot better. My favourite shade of undressed for everyday is the Buxom Cosmetics wildly whipped liquid lipstick in the misrepresent Instigator (via Debenhams, £15). This is a mauve-toned pink that looks near-nude on deeper incrustation complexions while also adding a subtle hint of pigment.

It’s always good to try different colours and don’t feel as if you should tolerate to one shade; everyone will have various shades – from chestnut to peachy – that can stir as nudes. Just explore and see which tones suit your complexion trounce.