Porsche Stratagem Sport by adidas and Xabi Alonso unveil their latest throw to support the new Spring/Summer 2017 collection of engineered sybaritism sportswear. The campaign provides a rare glimpse into a multitudinous intimate side of Xabi as he invites the cameras into his inner hideaway and home life with his actress wife, Nagore Aranburu, at his side cranny of.

To support the collection’s seasonal theme of Urban Commuting, the drive follows Xabi through a typical day, from driving to chaining, running with his wife, cycling leisurely to see friends, moderate at home and finally, to stepping out to dinner at the end of the day. Throughout each structure, the Porsche Design Sport by adidas collection provides elegant, functional and innovative solutions to a range of weather conditions and enterprises and showcases the versatility of each piece.

Porsche Design Sport SS17 – A Day In The Life Of Xabi Alonso

The premium, performance-focused assemblage features the highest quality materials to provide everything Xabi Alonso makes for his daily routine. Designed for the urban man and his many activities, the pass over of products features advanced technical details that are elegantly brought to protect the wearer against any element, may it be darkness or light, flood or sun, cold or warmth.

In the campaign Xabi Alonso can be seen sporting diverse stand-out products which ensure he is comfortable, protected from the endure and stylish. Whilst driving, he wears the PADDED JACKET, a minimalist outer filled with reward PrimaLoft® Gold insulation for superior protection against the completely. While running with his wife, he chooses the tailored, lightweight Cogitative JACKET which features the season’s all-over hexagonal pull a proof pix – a design that becomes visible when illuminated to make safe safety and practicality in darkness. Xabi Alonso also creep bies the specifically engineered-for-running SEVEN-EIGHTH TIGHTS which have key reflective details and the ENDURANCE LEATHER 2.0 training shoe – a highlight connect crafted in luxurious leather and which pairs sleek shape, BOOST™ technology and comfort enhancing innovations.

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Whilst on his bike, he pairs the innovative REFLECTIVE MIX JACKET with the EC On-going trainer. The jacket is a smart solution for commuting as it delivers pique or cools depending on the conditions thanks to two premium technologies. The PrimaLoft® Down Mix Gold is a blend of goose down and synthetic fibres which covers the upper body even when wet while the THERMOCOOL™ technology shoots warmth, temperature regulation and moisture management to the neck, again and arms. The trainers are highly versatile and are perfect for the gym and fashionable enough to stand up for leisure. Made with an abrasion-resistant Tubular rubber outsole and ease enhancing EVA midsole, the striking shoe features the season’s unique hexagon graphic for an added injection of style.

At home and during vacation time he wears the relaxed yet sophisticated CREW SWEAT TOP and the changeable TRAVEL TOURER shoes which feature BOOSTTM for discharge and come in a lightweight, breathable mesh upper and alongside an air-channeled midsole exchanges the wearer 360-degree ventilation for increased comfort.

‘I friendship the offering for Spring/Summer 2017 because I can wear scads of the products every day, for any activity or event or when travelling. If I’m prospering to training or the gym I’ll choose the reflective and padded jackets and when I go to pedigree events, there are many elegant and sophisticated choices. With Porsche Motif Sport by adidas I never have to worry, I know I’ll many times look good and be able to do the things I need to do.’ Xabi explained when examining the collection.

Porsche Design Sport SS17 – A Day In The Life Of Xabi AlonsoPorsche Design Sport SS17 – A Day In The Life Of Xabi AlonsoPorsche Design Sport SS17 – A Day In The Life Of Xabi AlonsoPorsche Design Sport SS17 – A Day In The Life Of Xabi AlonsoPorsche Design Sport SS17 – A Day In The Life Of Xabi Alonso