Polka Dots - Blue and White scarf 2013 for men

Polka Be infatuated withs

Polka Dots remain a classic element in the fashion account. Polka dots are one of the most eye-catching and striking prints. Do you cudgel ones brains how to embrace polka dots without going all dotty? The master plan is all about a game of polka with your dots.

Crowns on How to Wear Polka Dots

You have so many options and constructions of polka dots from discreet to more extravagant ones. Whatever the note of clothing or accessory. It is very important to know how to wear them. From time to time you are convinced to wear polka dots, start by choosing on the contrary one accessory such as a scarf or a tie.

  • Scarves – Dots can be matched with a model, casual or elegant outfit. All you have to think about is what mask polka dots you are going for?
  • Ties – You can’t go too wrong here. Proper think about your colour pallet. Black and hoary is one of the winning combinations that never fails.
  • Shirts – If you are meet a man that seeks attention then the polka dot shirt is for you. Only just think how big you want your dots to be?
  • Jackets – Dark vulgar and white dots are a nice way to show your boldness. Hold back everything else very neutral. Get ready because the limelight will be immense.
  • Evening Wear – For a night out with your friends. Union a pair of chinos or jeans with your dotted shirt. Alloys are a great platform to embrace polka dot suits. Not for all but if you are going to do it. Go for it. Another privilege is by matching your top with your suit trouser spoils.

One thing to think about, make sure the dots duplicate is lineal/diagonal and dots small. When dots suit splotches it’s a disaster.

Polka Dots - Blue and White shirt 2013

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Polka Dots - blue and white scarf 2013 for men

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