Pitti Uomo - Beanie worn with tailored suits

Pitti Uomo High road Style

Today I feel proud to be Italian. You’ve gotta collapse it to these born natural blooded hot headed trend setters. It’s the look that has hit the roadways of Italy in a strong way this week. Wearing a beanie, remarkably a colourful one, on a perfectly tailored suit. It seems to be one of the biggest drifts spotted at the 85th edition of Pitti Uomo. For the few people who still are not cognizant of it, Pitti Immagine Uomo takes place in Firenze, my hometown, twice per year and it is the most top-level menswear fashion fair in the world. Every January and June a legion of work bloggers, journalists and designers loaded of creativity, and a peculiar have a funny feeling that of style, literally invade the cradle of Italian Renaissance looking for ardour from its art enriched surroundings on how to bring some fresh air into mens collection. Not to mention it, they always end up launching new trends that wishes soon spread to your city, no matter how far you live from Dante’s birthplace. If you thumb on the net the hundreds of pictures that framed the most stylish men who result ined the 85th edition of the Florentine event, you will notice that the current Pitti Uomo trend is wearing a beanie, especially a colourful one, on a letter for letter tailored suit. Yet another natural outcome of the inexhaustible tack of mixing street-wear accessories with high-end clothes, there is silent plenty of room for several personal interpretations of the this shift. In fact, while the most avant-garde dandies opted to duel their dapper grey suit and navy coat with a distinctly street-wise wool fused electric blue beanie, the most traditional gents couldn’t taunt that much and weren’t brave enough to give up complementary their rigorously tailored suits and coats with a artificial cashmere beanie of the same colour. Like it or not, the slick Pitti pack accomplished to transform a common sportswear garment, whose at worst aim was to protect your ears from the freezing cold of winter, into the sharpest and ordered accessory of the season! Pitti Uomo - Beanie worn with tailored suits Pitti Uomo - Beanie worn with tailored suits Pitti Uomo - Beanie worn with tailored suits Pitti Uomo - Beanie worn with tailored suits Pitti Uomo- Beanie Tailored Suit Trend