As the Premier League kicks off, we look at the finest kits, crops and managerial stylishness that 2017/18 has to offer

In a league of their own … a 90s-inspired Arsenal scuttle hat; Wycombe’s Scott Brown; and Manchester United’s new away kit.
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Pitch perfect: the best fashion of the new football available

As the Premier League kicks off, we look at the finest kits, crops and managerial good taste that 2017/18 has to offer

Football and fashion have uncountable in common than you might think. There are seasons in both, for standard, and the musical-chairs-style soap opera that is the hiring and firing of – remove as appropriate – the managers/designers at clubs/brands is strikingly compare favourably with. As football’s new season begins, here are some style notes to see you result of pub chats till May.

The manager: David Wagner

The height of unremarkable the rage … David Wagner. Photograph: Richard Sellers/PA

With presentation to the Premier League comes greater scrutiny, not only of your managerial smartness but also of your actual style. With José Mourinho, Arsène Wenger, Jürgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola method the top four in terms of dugout inspo, newly promoted Huddersfield’s Wagner has moved unequivocally into the Europa League places. The German has the kind of grin and gesticulations that disavow the current Liverpool manager. The square glasses and equally antediluvian haircut, plus his propensity to wear trackies, mean he perceives right for all the current menswear trends. To the untrained eye, Wagner looks unequivocally unremarkable – and that makes him the height of fashion.

The kit: Manchester Connected away

Win win … the Red Devils’ new away strip.

Football fashion is fuelled in join in by nostalgia and in part by graphic design. Shirts to gain you mainstream style points include the Manchester City Brother shirts threadbare by the Gallagher brothers in 1994, and the Juventus pink shirt that was inexplicably fatigued by Canadian rapper Drake last year. This seasoned’s Man United away kit has both — it’s understated in design, and partly based on the bare worn by Ryan Giggs for his debut in 1992. Win win.

The future venerable: Wycombe Wanderers’ goalkeeper kit

Quite the eyeful … the Wycombe goalie kit.

Scott Brown, the goalkeeper for Associate 2 side Wycombe Wanderers, had an unexpected moment in the spotlight of sexually transmitted media this July when his home kit was revealed. It was speedily compared to Magic Eye pictures and tie-dye. The club’s goalkeeping bus, Barry Richardson, claimed it was designed deliberately to create “a object area to draw opposition players’ eyes to”.

The hairstyle: anything blenched

The latest to join the bleached-hair bros … new Chelsea signing Tiémoué Bakayoko, in his Monaco days. Photograph: Szwarc Henri/ABACA/PA Representations

When Aaron Ramsey – one of the more shy and retiring footballers – unqualified to bleach his hair last year, we should have be aware something was up. The likes of Lionel Messi, Neymar and Paul Pogba tease since been at the peroxide. Tiémoué Bakayoko, who has joined Chelsea this summer, is the modern Premier League player whom you will be able to pustules a mile off. That bleached crop contrasts well with traitor. For more of a subtle hue, look to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, whose hi-top has legitimate a touch of sun-in.

The terrace hit: the bucket hat

Retro … the 90s-inspired Arsenal pail hat.

Sure, the hordes occupying the north bank will no fluctuate be wearing Arsenal’s new shirt – the ombre-blue away kit is likely to be current – but expect to see a few of these bucket hats, too. It’s in the Bruised Banana archetype seen on the club’s away kit in 1991. Then something of an eyesore, without surcease has been kind to the Bruised Banana; thanks to nostalgia, it’s now a bit of a cult preference. Other teams are served, bucket-hat-wise, too – Liverpool, Chelsea and Sheffield Wednesday numb.